The Charge of the Tipsy Bull !

When I got an invite for the bloggers meet for the Tipsy Bull, I was raging to charge in! It was the day after the place had been opened to the public, but the DJ was in place- churning out peppy numbers. The staff appeared to be still having a practice run though, taking their time to get into the groove.

The cocktail menu had been thoughtfully sorted out into a tipsy and a sober category- you could choose a drink depending on the state you wanted to be in. And if you are not into alcohol, there are some nice mock-tails and shakes too!

Most of the menu had been conceptualized by Chef Priyanka, Masterchef India Runner-up. The food was a kind of hit and miss- it had its highs and lows. I liked the Gentlemen prefer Blondes (whisky on the rocks, with some lemons) and the Bull’s eye Burritos.

Sharing some pictures from the event :




Location: 14A, Burdwan Road, Ground Floor
Cost for Two:  Rs. 1200 (approx) plus taxes


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