Dressing up for Durga Puja- ‘Pujo r Shaaj’

The wait for Durga Puja starts from the moment it ends. So while the earth takes its fair share of 365 and a quarter day to complete this wait, the lesser mortals like us plan, schedule, shop and hope for the best 5 fun filled days of the year. Needless to say 'pujo ashche' is … Continue reading Dressing up for Durga Puja- ‘Pujo r Shaaj’

Amar Pujo, Tomar Pujo, Sobar Pujo🙂

The very mention of Durga Pujo brings a gust of joy in our minds and a rather large grin on our faces. And for me, the best part of this festival, which is synonymous to happiness, has always been that nobody is left out of this one, big party. This is the time when the … Continue reading Amar Pujo, Tomar Pujo, Sobar Pujo🙂

Now order your Ashtami Bhog Online !

Ashtami is never complete without the quintessential Bhog at the Para Pandal. It has been a tradition ever since I remember- going out at noon, all dressed up in the saree or the Panjabi, for the Khichudi and Payesh. However, this year we knew it would not be possible for us to go out, having … Continue reading Now order your Ashtami Bhog Online !

Durga Puja- A Bengali’s Organized Mess

It’s Panchami and I am fretting around trying to figure out how to fit in those extra plans into my already packed schedule. Yes, it’s the Pujas in Kolkata and the next few days are going to be a hurricane. Three night outs, four day trips, two evening Addas, the Ashtami Anjali and Bhog- I … Continue reading Durga Puja- A Bengali’s Organized Mess

Pujo Mane….

Durga Pujo in Kolkata for me is a magical time. Crazy pujo shopping, crazier pandal hopping, gorging on fancy and street foods, new shoes and blisters on the feet, and to top it all- the unparalleled spirit and those big broad smiles everywhere… yes it  indeed is the BIG BONG CARNIVAL! With a few more … Continue reading Pujo Mane….

My Experiments with Quizzing

Singing. Dancing. Quizzing. The three mistakes of my life. Just could have been the tagline of my autobiography too. But I had been prudent enough not to let that happen. But only until……well, shit happens in the end- and we get tempted to things we shouldn’t, by sheer peer pressure. Specially, when you are part … Continue reading My Experiments with Quizzing

The Puja Paradigm- Then and Now

All good things come to an end. And so does Durga Puja. No matter how much we manage to squeeze in to those 4 days of pujas (or is it 7 now?), the pain following Bisorjon is excruciating. And that’s why ‘Pujo asche’  always beats ‘Asche bochor abar hobe’. Infact, the preparations for it begin almost … Continue reading The Puja Paradigm- Then and Now

Pujo Diaries Part Four – Sindur Khela

For every Bengali woman ‘sidur khela’ (Vermillion game) holds much significance. Every year on Vijaya dashami/ Bijoya dashami,  which marks the culmination of the five days of Durga Puja,  ‘lal-par shada saree’ clad Bengali women follow this ritual to the tee. They bid farewell to Ma Durga, who leaves for her heavenly abode and Lord … Continue reading Pujo Diaries Part Four – Sindur Khela

Pujo Parikrama – The Mop Up Rounds

Today is Bijoya Dashami- the day the Devi leaves for her heavenly abode. After all the fun and frolic, we have to bid goodbye to her with a sad heart, with the words “asche bochor abar hobe” (till the next year, Ma)….. So last night was the final opportunity to pay a visit to the pandals … Continue reading Pujo Parikrama – The Mop Up Rounds

Pujo Parikrama – Kolkata (North)

God always shows us the way. But it’s finding the way to Her, where we get stuck. Or so I realized during my attempts to visit the pandals in the northern fringes of the city. In today’s era, when our mental compass is mostly guided by the blue arrow in Google Maps, it wasn’t a … Continue reading Pujo Parikrama – Kolkata (North)

Puja Diaries Part Three- Ganesha’s Bride

An Indian woman’s ideal husband ? Lord Shiva. So it is He that they wrship year after year, in the hopes of getting someone like him. What do they find appealing in a weed-smoking-free-of-the-cares-of-the-world kind of man is what baffles me though. Anyway it is not in my nature to question the ladies. They are … Continue reading Puja Diaries Part Three- Ganesha’s Bride

Pujo Parikrama- Kolkata (South)

Pujo Parikrama, especially in Kolkata, translates to sheer madness. Are you ready with your list and your best shoe to hit in ?