Bump Cute – Pregnancy Photoshoot !

“Are you sure about it or should we repeat the test ?” he whispered.

We exchanged tentative glances, as the proverbial ‘double lines’ showed up. However, I knew very well that my little peanut was aboard the Stork Express. My profession has taught me well what sudden increased tours and detours to the toilet, a changed appetite, and of course a missed menstruation meant. So, yes, it was official we were expecting a baby…our first!!

The initial shock, disbelief and excitement gradually made way for those days of bloating, terrible morning sickness (which actually was ‘morning, afternoon as well as evening’ sickness!) and a strong aversion to almost everything that I used to enjoy previously. I would actually curse the famous biriyani outlet nearby as every time my hormone-charged-hypersensitive nasal mucosa sniffed anything remotely biriyani or tandoor ‘ish’ I felt like throwing up. The once favourite cupcake shop in the town became a ‘no no’ too as I could hardly eat anything.

Cannot eat cupcakes because I am nauseous…nauseous because I cannot eat cupcakes… well played pregnancy… I said to myself! The same smell and tastes that were heavenly before was now topping my hit-list. Being a foodie, this sudden change hit me hard. Then came the realization that I was slowly but steadily growing out of almost everything in my wardrobe. Yes, those clothes- another major weakness of mine- they were slipping off as well.

No food. No fashion… I felt like Tom Hanks in Cast Away!

It was during this phase that I realized that instead of resisting the changes, what if I embraced them, and made the most of it? What if I start savouring my bowl of yoghurt instead of that luscious steak or start feeling sexy about my belly, instead of whining about my receding wardrobe options?

Yes! And, why not? Now that I have this cute little bump of mine, why not celebrate and feel good about it instead? That is how this Bump Shoot happened.

Sharing with you some fun moments 🙂

P.S.:  Not a penny of this would have been possible without my rockstar sister and my ever supportive husband.







Devlina, in her own words, is “Just another Bengali woman proud of her Rabindrasangeet and Rosogolla roots ….. a Psychiatrist, still picking up the shells on the Freudian shore !”

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4 thoughts on “Bump Cute – Pregnancy Photoshoot !

  1. Thoroughly enjoyed reading it Devlina Di…thank u so much for putting up such a fun filled entertaining yet modest to the core, blog.
    And the pics are adorable as ever 🙂 waiting for more to come (write-ups I meant 😛 )

    Liked by 1 person

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