Father’s Day Frolic with Zomato

I was having a hard time persuading my father to go out on Father’s Day. He is that kind of a person, who seldom likes to break his strict routine of the morning prayer, the weekly soaps on television (he follows 6 shows now), lunch at unearthly hours and then a siesta. Followed by more soaps, and a brief evening stroll. So the mere suggestion of a slight deviation from that will unleash his fierce rage on the perpetrator.

I had but given up on the prospect on celebrating the day, when Zomato came to my rescue. I, along with my father, were invited to be a part of their father’s day celebrations at Smoke House Deli, Quest Mall. And I was pleasantly surprised when my father readily agreed to go out with me (er, ‘readily’ here means after an hour of persuasion, which is unprecedented according to his standards).

He even took out his favourite shirt for the occasion, and set out with a spring in his step. Going to crowded malls on weekends doesn’t rank quite high in his list of favourites. So I was kind of still pinching myself and was hoping that his good spirits would last atleast a few hours.

A Masterclass had been arranged by Zomato, on the occasion of Father’s Day. The ‘students’ were an eclectic mix of fathers across all ages- there were people like us who had persuaded their  fathers to hop along, and there were food reviewers who had persuaded their children to be a part of the event! There were some interactive games for the participants, which added to the reverie.


The class starts !

The fathers were asked to identify spices and herbs by tasting, with blindfolds on; jot down ingredients of common recipes (they could of course consult their children if need be!); and share their secret ingredients too!

Fathers in action

Chef Fatik Mir taught some quick tea time recipes for sandwiches like the Ricotta and Zucchini sandwich, Citrus Marinated Chicken Sandwich and the Pesto Hummus. I even tried my hand at making a few dips to go with them!

Tea Time Tit Bits
Picking up some culinary skills (P.C. Mukulita Ganguly)

My father was the Food Critic today, and played every bit of that role to perfection. He took his time savouring the sandwiches and dips, and each bite was accompanied by a comment on the quality of the food! Which was positive, on most of the occasions! He is a man of few words, and today was no exception. But since I have learnt to decipher his moods from those few spoken, I knew he was quite pleased with the day’s proceedings!

He had made some new friends too, and shared his love for food (and a few other things) with them! He always abhors the camera and group-fies, but today was a day of surprises. He posed readily for the photos and all of them had him smiling his broadest smiles!

I was happy to see a side of him I seldom get to witness, and have to thank Zomato for giving me the opportunity to have been a part of it all !

Citrus marinated chicken sandwich, and the Richota and Zucchini sandwich
Pink curried dip and the Pesto Hummus
Cucumber, basil and lavender Lemonade; Cold coffee and Lemon Iced Tea



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