Ideal Idle Idyllic Times

Come new year – procure new year diaries & calendars – scan for long weekends – plan holidays around them – lead an otherwise mundane year – Repeat. Yeah …. We know that drill all too well !! 🙂

August 2015 as we all know is special, as it happens to have 5 Saturdays,  5 Sundays; and the organized and methodical ones are already waving with a smirk on their face, as they leave for that exotic, much-planned vacation. For the rest of the impulsive hate-to-be-organised ones, here’s a list of quick getaways from Kolkata, that can help spruce up the weekends this August .

  • 1) Bankiput

If you are all for the “not so touristy” stuff, then this pristine and Casuarina lined beach is just the pill for you .
Coordinates- about 160 km from Kolkata. A 4-5 hour drive from Kolkata.


Reach Kanthi -take Junput road- from Junput bus stand take road to Bhagatput, and when halfway on it, slip into Bankiput road.
Hideouts- only a couple of half-baked hotels with 2-3 rooms.


  • 2) Bakkhali

Head off with your shades and sunscreen, to soak up and gorge on crab meat !
Coordinates- about 125km from Kolkata. A 3 hour drive.
Joka, NH117- Diamond Harbor- Kakdwip- cross ferry at Hatania-Doania –reach Bakkhali.
Hideouts- number of hotels. Bakkhali tourist lodge is recommended. It’s the closest to the beach too.

Dinner is being prepared
Dinner is being prepared
  • 3) Henry island

Can be clubbed with the Bakkhali trip. You can reach either by car directly, or put up at bakkhali and take a 40min bhatbhati “trekker” ride up and down.

Hideouts- Sundari tourist lodge (operated by the fisheries department).

Henry's Island
Henry’s Island
Henry Island Beach
Henry Island Beach
  • 4) Mandarmani
Drive Through the Mandarmani Beach
Drive Through the Mandarmani Beach

This popular beach resort about 164 km from Kolkata needs no introduction. From a drive along the 13km long motorable beach to an  adrenaline surge with watersports – the place has it all !

  • 5) Gadiara
Sunset at Gadiara
Sunset at Gadiara

Located 76km from Kolkata, this place marks the confluence of Hoogly,Damodar and Rupnarayan rivers.
Hideouts- Rupnarayan, the government tourist lodge, apart from a few other private hotels

Hotel Rupnarayan
  • 6) Geonkhali

Only a ferry ride away from Gadiara, this place offers you nothing but an ideal idle idyllic time.

Hideouts- just the government tourist lodge, with 8 rooms.

Triveni Sangam Tourist Lodge
Triveni Sangam Tourist Lodge
  • 7) Raichak

For those who believe that the Ganges is never out of fashion.

Located 55kms from Kolkata – an hour drive through NH117-Bishnupur-Fatehpur-Raichak.

Hideouts- Ffort Raichak for that fancy resort”y” weekend.

Ffort Raichak
Ffort Raichak
View from the Room at Raichak
View from the Room at Raichak

So people, pull out your duffles and just hit the road, to celebrate the impulsive wanderlust in you . Happy weekends ! Happy Wanderings !

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6 thoughts on “Ideal Idle Idyllic Times

  1. suggest u another place…khanyan rajbari…now converted into heritage hotel..bandel church nearby…one and half an hours traain journey from howrah..:)

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