Pujo Parikrama – Kolkata (North)

God always shows us the way. But it’s finding the way to Her, where we get stuck. Or so I realized during my attempts to visit the pandals in the northern fringes of the city. In today’s era, when our mental compass is mostly guided by the blue arrow in Google Maps, it wasn’t a … Continue reading Pujo Parikrama – Kolkata (North)

Puja Diaries Part Three- Ganesha’s Bride

An Indian woman’s ideal husband ? Lord Shiva. So it is He that they wrship year after year, in the hopes of getting someone like him. What do they find appealing in a weed-smoking-free-of-the-cares-of-the-world kind of man is what baffles me though. Anyway it is not in my nature to question the ladies. They are … Continue reading Puja Diaries Part Three- Ganesha’s Bride

Pujo Parikrama- Kolkata (South)

Pujo Parikrama, especially in Kolkata, translates to sheer madness. Are you ready with your list and your best shoe to hit in ?

Being a part of The Times of India Heritage Trail

Being a part of the Times Of India Heritage Trail was nostalgic, awe-inspiring and unforgettable in equal parts. Sharing glimpses and moments at the herald of Debi-Paksha.....

Pujo Diaries – Part Two

When is the best time to be in Kolkata ? I get that asked a lot. Scenes of the winter sun splashing its warmth on the city flash through my mind, but “DURGA PUJA” is what I come up with. Undoubtedly. Every time. Because if you aren’t in Kolkata during this time, you are definitely … Continue reading Pujo Diaries – Part Two

Pujo Diaries – Part One

Med school taught me that a fevered person is expected to have a heart rate higher than normal, tachycardia as they call it …well, that was simple to learn as I have grown up in a city that is gripped with the PUJO fever, and an escalating pulse rate, almost about weeks or months before the … Continue reading Pujo Diaries – Part One

That smell in the Air

Yes, it is that time of the year again. The countdown has begun, along with the meticulous planning to pack as much as possible, into those  4 days .Well, to be honest, it’s not 4 anymore, as we have somehow extended this to almost a week. But hey, who’s complaining anyway 🙂 Be it in books,Bollywood … Continue reading That smell in the Air