MBBS to MBA: 1st Day at PGPX, IIM Ahmedabad

This is Sparta. That is exactly the kind of feedback that I got from every alum when I had tried to speak to when I had finally got a call for PGPX, at IIM, Ahmedabad. But such is the charisma of the institute that despite getting calls from some other top institutes from the country, … Continue reading MBBS to MBA: 1st Day at PGPX, IIM Ahmedabad


Palm Oil- A viable natural alternative ?

As Malaysian Palm Oil council completed 100 Years, we were invited for an interactive session on the benefits of palm oil, along with other bloggers from the city. Palm Oil (also known as dende oil), is an edible vegetable oil, derived from the fruit of the oil palms. It is supposed to have a high … Continue reading Palm Oil- A viable natural alternative ?

Nutrience Kids Fitness Studio- Towards a fit new generation

As adults we are always fretting about fitness and diets, to lose those extra kilos that we always tend to put on. But little do we realize that the seeds of good physical health are sown from childhood. In fact, childhood obesity is on the rise and has the potential to turn into one of … Continue reading Nutrience Kids Fitness Studio- Towards a fit new generation

The ordeals of being a father !

Last night had been one of the most difficult nights of my life. Even the night before the final exams- which is the dread of every student at college- was a cakewalk compared to this ! It had begun well. Baby Sharo had retired to bed a little early than her usual 1030 ‘goodnight regime’. … Continue reading The ordeals of being a father !

Pregnancy Fashion Fix

Yayy!! The sale season is here. Favourite brands, best stores, the biggest discounts…we know that feeling right? So I started making a mental list of what I may need-  regular wear kurtis, some blingy stuff for the festivals and shaadis, the perfect white shirt that I am forever craving for, and a sexy stilletoe to … Continue reading Pregnancy Fashion Fix

My V-Day hitch !

Every year, this time round, I am hit by severe Agoraphobia- fear of going out in public places. And I have my father-in-law to blame for that. The condition was still manageable five to six years back, but since then things have gone severely downhill. The fact that I cannot possibly find a cure for … Continue reading My V-Day hitch !

The Quirk Quotient

It has not been long that the Quirk and Quirky have made it into our fashion vocabulary. Just like an unexpected rainbow on a gloomy drizzly day, a dash of quirk to your outfit can instantly and effortlessly pep things up. Needless to say I love almost everything that is quirky. Quirk Box, the fun … Continue reading The Quirk Quotient

Fun Asian Eating @ Mamagoto

Asian cuisine has always been a big weakness of mine. Thus when Mamagoto, the fun Asian dining joint opened its first outlet in Kolkata it immediately made it to the top of my wishlist! Read on for my experience at the big daddy of Asian food. Located near Magma House, Park Street, the place with … Continue reading Fun Asian Eating @ Mamagoto

Gorging on Kebabs, at the Kebab-e-Que, The Astor

This in house restaurant at The Astor has long been known for serving delectable and authentic kebabs to the Kolkata. The décor and seating arrangements are comfortable and so to say ‘old world’ in the sense you have no quirky selfie walls or ‘hatke’ décor, as is seen in many of the upcoming food joints. … Continue reading Gorging on Kebabs, at the Kebab-e-Que, The Astor

Breakfast Binge at Scarlet

Just as the mornings are the most pure part of the day so is breakfast the most important meal both nutritionaly and psyhologicaly…so says the nutrition gurus. However, it is not everyday that you get to eat a breakfast that is delicious ,hearty and pretty all at once. Needless to say I was excited to … Continue reading Breakfast Binge at Scarlet

The Curious Case of Lebuda 

Taking a sip from the freshly brewed makaibari tea Prasad had just served him, Lebuda glanced on the day’s paper. It had been a week since his last case, and he was feeling bored. Patesh had called him up last night to enquire about his health. “Bhalo achi re….”, he had replied. Physically there wasn't … Continue reading The Curious Case of Lebuda 

Delhi Dreams

You can love it, you can hate it but surely you cannot ignore it! Well that is pretty much what Delhi is. From being the country’s power capital since ancient times, Delhi goes on to be a food lovers’ paradise and the fashionistas’ perfect fix. And trust me when I say Delhi and Winter- is … Continue reading Delhi Dreams