A Day in Lucerne

Guarded by snowcapped mountains and kissed by the crystal clear waters of lake Lucerne, Luzern/ Lucerne is sure one of the prettiest towns in Switzerland. A laid back old world charm, medieval architectures, the bustling lake side and the iconic Chapel Bride are most definitely the highlights of this beautiful, little place. While we went … Continue reading A Day in Lucerne


Fashion for the Mommy’s Soul – My Paris/ Zurich Look-Book

Of Baby, Mommy, Long Trip & Luggage Limits... What happens when panicky, finicky, lazy yet busy Mommy goes on a trip, with her baby girl in tow? Well the obvious answer is - potential chances of luggage limit violation! Don't you think that is quite legit? My munchkin needed her supply of diapers, baby food, … Continue reading Fashion for the Mommy’s Soul – My Paris/ Zurich Look-Book

Delhi Dreams

You can love it, you can hate it but surely you cannot ignore it! Well that is pretty much what Delhi is. From being the country’s power capital since ancient times, Delhi goes on to be a food lovers’ paradise and the fashionistas’ perfect fix. And trust me when I say Delhi and Winter- is … Continue reading Delhi Dreams

The Living Root Bridges of Cherrapunjee

The last 500 steps were a daze. Our shirts could have yielded a bucket of water if squeezed, and our calf muscles felt like a thousand pins were being pricked into them. We were panting for breath, and taking even more step was a task. If you think you have stumbled upon some literary fiction, … Continue reading The Living Root Bridges of Cherrapunjee

The Near God Experience- Gurudongmar

The atheists may disagree, the sceptics may frown but there are moments in our lives when we feel closer to The Divine. For what a rationalist would call an “AHA” moment, they  come mostly serendipitously and for other instances they have to be planned … yes much like the vacations and getaways! It was the … Continue reading The Near God Experience- Gurudongmar

Let’s Show Off!

Aren't we all tired of two diametrically opposite views of India, by firangs? It's either a picture of a poor, dirty country, with everyone living on the streets in a deplorable condition; or it's that of an unreal opulence, tigers and elephants, palaces and pearls, and velvety grandeur. And such a partial and distorted image of … Continue reading Let’s Show Off!

Baranti- A Spring Retreat

Summer and weekend getaways in my part of the world are like chalk and cheese. Well, at least it was so until we visited the beautiful village of Boranti (Baranti) in the Purulia District, at about this time last year. BARANTI FACTS: Surrounded by the Panchkot Hill at one side and the Biharinath Hill on … Continue reading Baranti- A Spring Retreat

Kolkatar Dosh Kaahon: Ten must do things in Kolkata

     1. Walk through the Gorer Math Gorer Math, or the Maidan, symbolizes two very contrary passions of us- the Bengalis. Dotted with over 75 sports clubs, small and big, it beautifully reflects Bengal’s madness about sports. On the other hand, the Maidan is synonymous with our carefree spirit mixed with oodles of ‘lyadh’. It's … Continue reading Kolkatar Dosh Kaahon: Ten must do things in Kolkata

Have you Booked your date yet ?

With the International Kolkata Book Fair having kicked off, it was time for us to pay our annual visit. It is a tradition of sorts for people in Kolkata - a quintessential part of the blink-and-you-miss winter here. You don’t question why - you just go! The fair had lost some of its sheen when … Continue reading Have you Booked your date yet ?

A Day Out in the City

The Bongs have long left their abodes, and have traveled to all corners of the globe, settling down in foreign lands and making it their own - soaking in local flavors and becoming a part of the global race. So what is it that still unites the Bongs the world over? It is their desire … Continue reading A Day Out in the City

Eating Out in Pondicherry

Pondicherry is a food lover’s paradise. The White Town or French Quarter, is strewn with eateries, and is as delicious as it is pretty and pastelly. Cafes, bakeries, ice-cream parlours, uber fancy dining options, plain Janes serving simple yet delicious food- you name it and Pondy has it! Needless to say, it was an 'Alice … Continue reading Eating Out in Pondicherry

The Haunting in Kolkata

It was on the evening of Halloween, when having nothing much to do, I decided to embark on a trail to the haunted places in Kolkata, with my friends. Of course I had done my research and knew the top sites in the city, but having someone well versed in the game would increase our … Continue reading The Haunting in Kolkata