The White Summer Story: The scientific stereotype

I am absolutely not the kind who sticks to colour and print stereotypes. My Winters aren't about Grey's and reds, and my Spring isn't about floral prints and pastels. But there's one stereotype that I can't help but follow, that of whites i Summer. This is mostly because unlike other stereotypes, this one is scientific … Continue reading The White Summer Story: The scientific stereotype


Confessions Of A Thirty Something

There was a time in my life when I actually believed in Superman, followed by a time when I thought I had the potential to be a multitasking Superwoman and this was further followed by a time, where I did not even bother to be super anyway. Quite obviously I had entered my thirties. I … Continue reading Confessions Of A Thirty Something

How to Style the Over-Sized Shirt:

Gone are the days when shirts for females would either be school uniforms, or tugging-at-the-button tight things in the name of office-wear. Over-sized shirts are not just super-comfortable, but are extremely versatile too! Being the sucker for comfortable clothing that I am, I swear by long, baggy shirts and style them in a number of … Continue reading How to Style the Over-Sized Shirt:

Fashion for the Mommy’s Soul – My Paris/ Zurich Look-Book

Of Baby, Mommy, Long Trip & Luggage Limits... What happens when panicky, finicky, lazy yet busy Mommy goes on a trip, with her baby girl in tow? Well the obvious answer is - potential chances of luggage limit violation! Don't you think that is quite legit? My munchkin needed her supply of diapers, baby food, … Continue reading Fashion for the Mommy’s Soul – My Paris/ Zurich Look-Book

Peppy Twists to Summer Basics

Dressing up in Summers can often be nightmarish for people like us, thronging the tropics of the Earth. Specially for outings during the day, even the thought of heavy clothes and chunky, metal jewellery is a blooper. From metal rashes, to melting makeup and from sweaty underarms to synthetics sticking to the body, summers can … Continue reading Peppy Twists to Summer Basics

The Quirk Quotient

It has not been long that the Quirk and Quirky have made it into our fashion vocabulary. Just like an unexpected rainbow on a gloomy drizzly day, a dash of quirk to your outfit can instantly and effortlessly pep things up. Needless to say I love almost everything that is quirky. Quirk Box, the fun … Continue reading The Quirk Quotient

Ways To Wear Winter Friendly Palazzos With A Difference

  Undoubtedly the fashion of vintage pants A.K.A. the palazzo pants has come back. Why? Don’t stylish women have enough of fashionable pants and bottom wears or salwars to team up with? Or that 60’s-70’s trend is back again? These pants are extremely comfortable, feminine, and offers loads of space for movement and breathing to … Continue reading Ways To Wear Winter Friendly Palazzos With A Difference

State it with Style (Part I)

There are days when we are in a serious mood to dress up, while there are times when climbing the Mt.Everest seem easier than slipping out of those tattered pyajamas. Yes, mood swings are a part of our being! I am sure many of you ladies are already happy that you have finally found your … Continue reading State it with Style (Part I)

That’s a Deal: My Favorite Flea Markets in the Country

What’s better than food therapy? Retail therapy, of course! Well, my sister and I should most definitely sign up for Shopaholics Anonymous, but this is an addiction we would rather keep. The only bad thing about shopping however is, it costs money. Well, I don’t see the Utopian idea of free stores being a reality … Continue reading That’s a Deal: My Favorite Flea Markets in the Country

Neerosha- Your one stop fashion fix

If you go weak on your knees the moment you hear ‘kantha’, ‘potochitro’, ‘batik’, and all that is ethnic, this boutique in Purnadas Road, Golpark, Kolkata is your best bet around. Literally translating to mean ‘pious’, “Neerosha” is the brainchild of  Rajnandinee and Srabonti- the duo who design and handpick every little item in this … Continue reading Neerosha- Your one stop fashion fix

View From the Heel-Top

I am one of those women who can walk, run, jump, skip and dance in heels. But am I comfortable in those? Hell, no! Heels are painful. Period. There's no denying that. Some manage to bear the pain. But if someone claims that she is 'comfortable' in heels, then either she is a compulsive liar, … Continue reading View From the Heel-Top