A day in Boi Para – College Street, Kolkata

'Boi Para' is the endearing nickname coined for the iconic College Street Book Market. This 1.5 km long stretch in the Northern fringe of Kolkata, wears the proud badge of the largest second-hand book market in the world and largest book market in India. However, if you have been there you would know it is … Continue reading A day in Boi Para – College Street, Kolkata


Fish Market Kolkata – ‘Macher Bajar’

I once asked one of my non Bengali friends to write me down a list of the so called 'Bong Cliches'. Yes the ones we are silently proud of but tired of hearing nonetheless. The attributes and adjectives that have made our Tagore fed clan a well defined bulge on the face of this big … Continue reading Fish Market Kolkata – ‘Macher Bajar’

Folklore – where rational meets spiritual

Recently I had an i interesting interaction with emninent Occultist Meenakshii in her eeriely charming chamber in Kolkata with a couple of my fellow blogger friends. Being a Psychiatrist myself, I initially anticipated a chalk and cheese situation. However, the entire interaction gave me a new perspective and definitely busted some of the common misconceptions … Continue reading Folklore – where rational meets spiritual

Confessions Of A Thirty Something

There was a time in my life when I actually believed in Superman, followed by a time when I thought I had the potential to be a multitasking Superwoman and this was further followed by a time, where I did not even bother to be super anyway. Quite obviously I had entered my thirties. I … Continue reading Confessions Of A Thirty Something

Lavender Imaginations – Your Knick Knack Fix

Cool, quirky, creative and affordable ….. is that the combination you are looking for? Then look no further as Lavender Imaginations is surely your fix. Brainchild of two school friends, Rajendrani  and Swagata, the lavender bloomed a few years ago as a natural extension of their passion.  Eventually one thing led to another and now … Continue reading Lavender Imaginations – Your Knick Knack Fix

PGPX Diaries, Chapter 2: Classes, Cases and Crashes

“May Day. May Day. Crash landing imminent. Brace yourselves for impact. “ That’s the kind of message getting broadcasted in our minds right now. It’s been 2 weeks into the PGPX regime, and we are way past the ‘dreamy-eyed-so-excited-to-be-here’ phase. Reality has hit us, and hit us hard. From campus hopping selfie taking new recruits, … Continue reading PGPX Diaries, Chapter 2: Classes, Cases and Crashes

ThreeSixtyThree @ The Oberoi Grand- the new deliciousness in town

It is for a reason that The Oberoi Grand is fondly called the Grand Dame Of Kolkata. Needless to say ever since I heard about their newly opened All Day Dining space, Threesixtythree0, it made straight to the top of my ‘to-go’ places. I cannot thank Zomato more as they invited me to their lunch … Continue reading ThreeSixtyThree @ The Oberoi Grand- the new deliciousness in town

MBBS to MBA: 1st Day at PGPX, IIM Ahmedabad

This is Sparta. That is exactly the kind of feedback that I got from every alum I had tried to speak to when I had finally got a call for PGPX, at IIM, Ahmedabad. But such is the charisma of the institute that despite getting calls from some other top institutes from the country, I … Continue reading MBBS to MBA: 1st Day at PGPX, IIM Ahmedabad

My V-Day hitch !

Every year, this time round, I am hit by severe Agoraphobia- fear of going out in public places. And I have my father-in-law to blame for that. The condition was still manageable five to six years back, but since then things have gone severely downhill. The fact that I cannot possibly find a cure for … Continue reading My V-Day hitch !

The Curious Case of Lebuda 

Taking a sip from the freshly brewed makaibari tea Prasad had just served him, Lebuda glanced on the day’s paper. It had been a week since his last case, and he was feeling bored. Patesh had called him up last night to enquire about his health. “Bhalo achi re….”, he had replied. Physically there wasn't … Continue reading The Curious Case of Lebuda 

Pondicherry Pointers- Things to do in Pondy

Simple yet pretty, chic yet spiritual, flamboyant yet restrained...Pondicherry indeed is a rare concoction. It was during December 2015 that we first met this place and needless to say we fell in love. A three and half hour drive from Chennai airport transported us to the French Riviera of the East, where we spent a … Continue reading Pondicherry Pointers- Things to do in Pondy

And thus, I became a father !

I still remember the time my wife gave me the news that we were pregnant. I couldn’t help but scratch my head in bewilderment, “What? Really? You sure? Should we...mmmm check again? “ But the one cardinal thing that the few years of marriage has taught me is not to question the statement of the … Continue reading And thus, I became a father !