Dressing up for Durga Puja- ‘Pujo r Shaaj’

The wait for Durga Puja starts from the moment it ends. So while the earth takes its fair share of 365 and a quarter day to complete this wait, the lesser mortals like us plan, schedule, shop and hope for the best 5 fun filled days of the year.
Needless to say ‘pujo ashche’ is the best feeling ever.
An integral part of Durga Puja is buying new clothes for yourself and your loved ones. Everyone wants to behold ‘Ma’ atleast once wearing their ‘notun jama’ irrespective of their age, gender or socioeconomic status. ‘Pujor Shaaj’ is important. Very important.
I can vouch for the fact that the fashion fare during the five days Durga Puja can give a stiff competition to the most suave and expensive fashion weeks of the globe. If you have been a part of it you would know what we mean. It is not about labels, brands or tags. It is the enthusiasm, planning, screenshots, fabric and tailor scouting, striking the best deals and ofcourse getting hands on that Pujo bonus.
So as we are less than a month away from Durga Puja, we thought of putting together some easy and comfortable ideas for decking up during Pujo.
✓In all the looks we have given comfort the first priority.
✓Most of the looks can be tried both for day and night depending on how much and how you accessorize it.
✓As some of you know, we are not make up buffs, so most of the looks are done either without or just the minimum of makeup (read kajal and lipstick or tinted lipbalm). You can obviously amp up with more Colors and contours!
So here we go

1) Shoshthi (ষষ্ঠী)

Look 1
Keeping with the casual vibes my sister chose this cotton crop legged jumpsuit. She has cranked up the festive knob by accessorizing it with a brooch and a beige bow clip. An old sling from Shantiniketan for the essentials. Breezy, comfortable with a bit of festive flare.

Jumpsuit – Aranya, Kolkata ( Dakshinapan)
Sling bag – Shantiniketan
Brooch and clip – Lifestyle Stores

Look 2

Skirts are wardrobe staples. This long, fitted, side slit skirt is an old one that helps my sister out whenever she is in need for some instant glam fix without too much bling. She has paired it with a basic cotton black top. The handmade knotted neckpiece and the tribal print handcuff adds to the desi appeal. A bright coloured chappal for that bit of pop to the entire look.

Skirt – Fabindia
Top – Hands of India
Neckpiece – Deshaj, Kolkata
Chappal – thrifted

2) Saptami (সপ্তমী)

Look 1
Blong pick for a comfortable yet stylish Saptami. My sister chose this monochrome linen co-ord set that can take you through both day and night. She has paired it with monochrome flat pump shoes (she is not particularly fond of heels). You can put your own twist with chunky earrings/ contrast shoes,
a boho bag or just a bright lippie according to your personality. Afterall style is something personal and has got nothing to do with ‘following’ trends.


Maxi dresses are lifesavers. My sister chose this Jamdani print maxi dress for her Saptami strutting. She has accessorised the look with a simple hair dangler. A pair of flat sandals to avoid sore blisters during pandal hopping and she is all ready!

Outfit Westside Stores
Sandals thrifted

Hair dangler DIY

3) Astami (অষ্টমী)
Durga Astami. The most powerful and and power packed out of the 5 days. Offering morning Anjali in crisp new clothes, enjoying Bhog er Khichudi and Labra in the afternoon, witnessing the sheer power of Sondhi Pujo, there is never a dull moment to Astami. We save our best for this day.

Look 1
My sister is wearing this Magenta and Gold Jamdani with a stand collar beige blouse. A big jhumka and a tini tiny magenta bindi is all she has done more to it.

Look 2

This look from archives is my sister’s pick for Astami. Red Dhakai Jamdani paired with a mismatch Ikkat blouse and a quirky earring that blends traditional and contemporary.

4) Nabami (নবমী)

Look 1
Crisp, White Cotton Shirt – Check
Oversized Shades – Check
Printed Skirts to swoon over town – Check😎
Sister has decided to skirt around this Nabami.
Printed skirts paired with unicolor tops/shirts or the other way round with just the right amount of accessories can add that bit of glam to your Pujo days.

Look 2
Of late my sister is crushing on monochromes. So when we decided to go for a shirt-skirt Pujo look she took out this old long skirt and paired it with this white shirt.Just a bit more with the tasseled boho sling pouch bag and a dokra neckpiece from Hosto Shilpo Mela a year back.

6) Dashami (দশমী)

Look 1

My sister is not letting go of another chance to dress up here. She is wearing this White and gold Jamdani with a red cotton anti fit top giving the classic ‘lal par sada’ a stylish spin. Lal tip and a big Jhumka makes her ready for Boron and Sidur Khela.

Look 2
Dashami is a day of good byes. After a week of ecstatic madness, this is a day of teary good bye to the Goddess, and gorging on bijoyar mishti and nimki with friends and family. Tired of dressing up through the week, a day when my sister chooses a simple cotton kurta pajama, with absolutely no makeup or no accessories.
And yes, we are all in for gender fluid clothing

That was about our take and tips on dressing up during Pujo. Tell us how you like them and share your thoughts and pictures with us.


Devlina & Devpurna

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