Sudder Street, Kolkata – Things to do

This was the place where Tagore penned his famous poetry ‘Nirjhorer Swapnobhongo’ in a sudden moment of epiphany. A place that was once looked down upon for its ‘hippie culture’, and availability of hashish and pimps alike, Sudder Street sure is that non conforming, defiant and Bohemian soul of Kolkata.
Over the years it has grown as a backpacker’s paradise, a reliable fleamarket for boho clothes and accessories, a neighbourhood full of cheap, good restaurants, and as the bhadrolok will tell you, a den of decadence.

The street that came into being in 1968 was named after an old “sadar” court of appeal, symbolising freedom, a convergence of minds and cultures that defied easy categorisation.

The street starts exactly opposite the Fire Brigade Headquarters on Free School Streetand ends towards the entranceof IndianMuseum on Chowringhee Road.

What to expect
Lined by numerous cheap hotels, eateries, travel desks and money exchange kiosks, this locality is a favourite among many foreign tourists who is on a backpacking trip.
This is the place that made street art and graffitis cool in Kolkata. Though in vestiges, there are still some really good ones in the lanes and bylanes of the area.

Things to do

Shop all things Boho

Funky accessories, vintage leather journals, boho dresses and shirts and junk jewellery, Sudder Street has got you covered.
Tip: keep your bargaining skills ready to strike the best deals!

Eat, chat and laze at Raj Spanish Cafe

I absolutely love this place for its unpretentious and chilled out vibes. Good food at affordable prices, free WiFi and walls full of quirky doodles, RSC is a personal favourite.

Check out the Graffitis

Visit Indian Museum

If you are all touristy and have some time in your pocket swing by the Indian Museum which is a stone’s throw from the area.

Hope you enjoy a boho and happy walk very soon here.


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