Monoliths of East Khasi Hills

Monolith is a symbol of remembrance in Khasi Heritage. While the largest cluster of monoliths is in Nartiang village, Jaintia Hills, numerous Monoliths are strewn in the nook and corners of the cloudy valleys, tiny villages or the secret forests of Meghalaya.

There are two parts to a monolith: the upright part is known as ‘Mehris’ or ‘Ki Moo Shynrang,’ represents male and the flat table stone represents female and is known as ‘Ki Moo Kynthai’ .

There are a few Monolithic structures at the entrance of The Sacred Grove. And even quite a few inside. The moss covered Monolith served as sacrificial sites by local villagers said our guide. Roosters and other small animals are mostly sacrificed in today’s time. An interesting information about the sacrifice ritual was that even the meat of the animal could not be brought out of the woods. The priest and the wise have to finish it or leave it there. If the deity was pleased, He would appear as a Leopard and if angry, as a Snake.

Hearing to such tales amidst the eerie damp silence was weirdly bone chilling.

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