That’s a Deal: My Favorite Flea Markets in the Country

What’s better than food therapy? Retail therapy, of course! Well, my sister and I should most definitely sign up for Shopaholics Anonymous, but this is an addiction we would rather keep.

The only bad thing about shopping however is, it costs money. Well, I don’t see the Utopian idea of free stores being a reality anytime soon, so I have settled for flea markets to save my life.

So here’s  a compilation of my personal favourites across the country:


  1. Kolkata: New Market

Be it silver jewellery, party decorations, crystal showpieces, any sequined Salwar suits or any culinary need, you have it all at new market. And you could always gorge on a plate of biriyani, at Aminia, bite on a Nizam roll, or take home a box of freshly baked goodies from the old school bakeries, after you are done with your shopping.

Belts in all shapes and sizes
Spoilt for choice
A typical day at New Market
Kurti galore


  1. Delhi: Sarojini Nagar Market

Vero Moda and Latin Quarter dupes, at a quarter of the price, is always a pleasure. The “chori ka maal” Rolexes and Ray-bans have been making college kids cool for years. The sphaghettis and gunjees at Rs. 60 are a real steal too.

Also the hawkers selling the ‘Big Shoppers’ at anywhere between Rs. 60 – Rs.250 (depending on your bargaining skills) are a life saver for binge shoppers like me.


There’s something for everyone
“Jagging”- Mind It !
Shangri La !
Big Shoppers to ‘Aid’ the crazy shopping spree
Did you say your winter wardrobe needed a makeover ?


  1. Mumbai: Colaba Causeway


It’s not called the fashion street for nothing. Prepare to go crazy, running hither-skither, having the hardest time choosing between the turquoise pumps or the peach wedges (well, you could, of course, surrender to fate and grab both). The brass shops with their faux antique compasses and sand clocks are sure to catch your fancy, if witty one-liner tees are not your thing. But, if you are a sucker for tunics and summer dresses, may The Lord save you from the misery of being broke.

You can then cool down the Adrenaline rush with a beer from Mondegar or grab a bite at Café Churchill. Or you could also go for a stroll by the Gateway of India, to amplify your happiness. Mumbai has it all!

From Tommy Hilfiger to Louis Vuitton dupes, you can find all here, at jaw dropping prices 


Trinket Tales
Pick your shade



  1. Bangalore: Commercial Street

Well honestly, if one has an option of shopping at the above three, then this is not  a place which will excite you equally. But well, a full day investigation will give you a few good discoveries- like I stumbled upon The Fusion which is the perfect treat for the Boho in you. Or the tiny ceramic shop, stuffed with gorgeous crockery and diffusers in brilliant earthy tones.


WhatsApp-Image-20160616 (2)

WhatsApp-Image-20160616 (1)


So if shopping is what you live for, but don’t have that obscene amount of dough to indulge in your unearthly desires, these are the places you should be!



Devpurna, to quote her own words, is a ”Lawyer by day, the quintessential bengali dreamer by night, a foodie since toddler days and oh, an up-cycler on weekends too!
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Her other Blogs include Bite.Chomp.Gulp


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