Vietnamese food festival- Blu, Aauris

As the blink ’n’ miss wintry chill is gone and the mercury is already soaring up, a change of palate is just what you need! And what better way to welcome the sunny days with some subtle and refreshing Asian flavours. That is exactly what is so exciting about this ongoing ‘Vietnamese Food Festival’ at Blu, The Aauris, Kolkata.

This plush new place at Robinson Street is sure to floor you with its contemporary yet classy interiors. The food fest will be running from the 10th to the 20th of March, during both lunch and dinner hours. They have come up with a very crisp and authentic menu. The Grilled Chicken mince on Lemon grass skewers (don’t ask me its Vietnamese name!) is much recommended for its sublime flavor. We quite liked their Rice noodles with Slow Braised Chicken for mains. The Sweetcorn Puding for dessert was a pleasant surprise and something definitely worth a try. All the items in the menu are well available. Approximate cost for two is Rs. 1500.

Apart from the Vietnamese menu, they are also serving their regular menu through the festival. And yes, I have to mention their impeccable hospitality and service.

So people who go weak on their knees as they hear Asian, and even those who do not- you cannot miss this festival to prep your taste buds for the long summer months ahead!

All decked up before the show !
The chef getting ready for some action


Chicken slow braised in green pepper corn and coconut juice
Rice Noddles to go with it
Che Bap (Sweet Corn Pudding)



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