How to Style the Over-Sized Shirt:

Gone are the days when shirts for females would either be school uniforms, or tugging-at-the-button tight things in the name of office-wear. Over-sized shirts are not just super-comfortable, but are extremely versatile too! Being the sucker for comfortable clothing that I am, I swear by long, baggy shirts and style them in a number of … Continue reading How to Style the Over-Sized Shirt:

Pujo Diaries Part Four – Sindur Khela

For every Bengali woman ‘sidur khela’ (Vermillion game) holds much significance. Every year on Vijaya dashami/ Bijoya dashami,  which marks the culmination of the five days of Durga Puja,  ‘lal-par shada saree’ clad Bengali women follow this ritual to the tee. They bid farewell to Ma Durga, who leaves for her heavenly abode and Lord … Continue reading Pujo Diaries Part Four – Sindur Khela

View From the Heel-Top

I am one of those women who can walk, run, jump, skip and dance in heels. But am I comfortable in those? Hell, no! Heels are painful. Period. There's no denying that. Some manage to bear the pain. But if someone claims that she is 'comfortable' in heels, then either she is a compulsive liar, … Continue reading View From the Heel-Top