Campus Bites: Places to eat inside IIMA

Food forms a very integral part of the life at IIMA, for two very critical reasons Good food is essential to instil that extra energy that all of us need desperately. Prompt and quick service, 24*7 to ensure that you get whatever you crave and whenever you crave- to act as potent stressbusters So, to … Continue reading Campus Bites: Places to eat inside IIMA

Chai Shai @ Chai Break

Tea is very much the thing I thrive on. It is to me what water is for fishes. So I just couldn’t miss out when Thinkquisitive invited me over for an evening of food tasting at Chai Break, at their recently launched outlet at Kankurgachi.     What better way to refresh yourself after the … Continue reading Chai Shai @ Chai Break

On The Times of India Tea Trail

Few other things offer greater pleasure to me than a sip of that perfect blend of Camellia sinensis. Well, if you think you have accidentally clicked on some science journal, let me tell you, it is the “Bhalo-naam”  for our “Tea”. So I was quite excited when I got an invite for the coveted Tea … Continue reading On The Times of India Tea Trail