Inside Morgan House, Kalimpong :

Morgan House at Kalimpong, the magnificent stone mansion with enormous glass windows and multiple chimneys, was built some time around 1930. It is presently a hotel managed by West Bengal Tourism Development Corporation (WBTDC). But what makes it extra special is the fact, that it is famed to be a haunted house, where para-normal activities … Continue reading Inside Morgan House, Kalimpong :

A Day Out in the City

The Bongs have long left their abodes, and have traveled to all corners of the globe, settling down in foreign lands and making it their own - soaking in local flavors and becoming a part of the global race. So what is it that still unites the Bongs the world over? It is their desire … Continue reading A Day Out in the City

The Haunting in Kolkata

It was on the evening of Halloween, when having nothing much to do, I decided to embark on a trail to the haunted places in Kolkata, with my friends. Of course I had done my research and knew the top sites in the city, but having someone well versed in the game would increase our … Continue reading The Haunting in Kolkata