Sharodiya Day Outing at Vedic Village, Kolkata

It's that time of the year again, the time for which every bengali around the world waits for throughout the year. However, much like last year, this year too pujo will be a little different. As per the recent High Court ruling, revellers will not be allowed to enter pandals. But rather than dampening our … Continue reading Sharodiya Day Outing at Vedic Village, Kolkata

Fish Market Kolkata – ‘Macher Bajar’

I once asked one of my non Bengali friends to write me down a list of the so called 'Bong Cliches'. Yes the ones we are silently proud of but tired of hearing nonetheless. The attributes and adjectives that have made our Tagore fed clan a well defined bulge on the face of this big … Continue reading Fish Market Kolkata – ‘Macher Bajar’

The Curious Case of Lebuda 

Taking a sip from the freshly brewed makaibari tea Prasad had just served him, Lebuda glanced on the day’s paper. It had been a week since his last case, and he was feeling bored. Patesh had called him up last night to enquire about his health. “Bhalo achi re….”, he had replied. Physically there wasn't … Continue reading The Curious Case of Lebuda 

What’s Cooking at UberDine?

When was the last time your friends cooked for you? Last month, perhaps? And when was the last time movie stars cooked for you? For me, it was yesterday. As I opened the Uber App on my mobile a little before noon yesterday, to book a cab to meet a friend, I saw the option … Continue reading What’s Cooking at UberDine?

The New-Age Bong Biye

Gone are the days when the perfect Bengali wedding was about the Paka Dekha - Ashirbaad - Aiburobhat - Gaye Holud - Biye - Bashi Biye - Bhaat Kapor - Boubhaat regime. The entire Bangali clan is a sucker for celebrations and has included a hoard of new blingy 'rituals' to add the required spice … Continue reading The New-Age Bong Biye

Bonding over Bongness

To quote the poet himself, on his death anniversary, I seem to have loved you in numberless forms, numberless times… In life after life, in age after age..... forever. The lines somehow wonderfully essays the love story of a bengali and his fish. No wonder, that a true bong, at least once in his lifetime, has … Continue reading Bonding over Bongness