Neerosha- Your one stop fashion fix

If you go weak on your knees the moment you hear ‘kantha’, ‘potochitro’, ‘batik’, and all that is ethnic, this boutique in Purnadas Road, Golpark, Kolkata is your best bet around. Literally translating to mean ‘pious’, “Neerosha” is the brainchild of  Rajnandinee and Srabonti- the duo who design and handpick every little item in this … Continue reading Neerosha- Your one stop fashion fix

View From the Heel-Top

I am one of those women who can walk, run, jump, skip and dance in heels. But am I comfortable in those? Hell, no! Heels are painful. Period. There's no denying that. Some manage to bear the pain. But if someone claims that she is 'comfortable' in heels, then either she is a compulsive liar, … Continue reading View From the Heel-Top