Now order your Ashtami Bhog Online !

Ashtami is never complete without the quintessential Bhog at the Para Pandal. It has been a tradition ever since I remember- going out at noon, all dressed up in the saree or the Panjabi, for the Khichudi and Payesh. However, this year we knew it would not be possible for us to go out, having … Continue reading Now order your Ashtami Bhog Online !

What’s Cooking at UberDine?

When was the last time your friends cooked for you? Last month, perhaps? And when was the last time movie stars cooked for you? For me, it was yesterday. As I opened the Uber App on my mobile a little before noon yesterday, to book a cab to meet a friend, I saw the option … Continue reading What’s Cooking at UberDine?

The Monkey is in Town

It wasn’t easy. Foodies who managed to be there on the 5th eve will vouch for that! It was a day that had witnessed the greatest rainfall in the year maybe, and we had to drag our wheels through horrible traffic, and our feet through knee deep water. Bar ekbar jo humne commitment kar diya, … Continue reading The Monkey is in Town

The Winners of our Birthday Giveaway !

It has been a really difficult contest to judge! We had a lot of good shots being shared across our Facebook page and Zomato over the last week. The judges took their time, and in the end to ease their pain a bit, decided to declare two winners instead of one! So here are the winning … Continue reading The Winners of our Birthday Giveaway !

Father’s Day Frolic with Zomato

I was having a hard time persuading my father to go out on Father’s Day. He is that kind of a person, who seldom likes to break his strict routine of the morning prayer, the weekly soaps on television (he follows 6 shows now), lunch at unearthly hours and then a siesta. Followed by more … Continue reading Father’s Day Frolic with Zomato

Vietnamese food festival- Blu, Aauris

As the blink ’n’ miss wintry chill is gone and the mercury is already soaring up, a change of palate is just what you need! And what better way to welcome the sunny days with some subtle and refreshing Asian flavours. That is exactly what is so exciting about this ongoing ‘Vietnamese Food Festival’ at … Continue reading Vietnamese food festival- Blu, Aauris

Zomato Mixology Masterclass

When Zomato arranges for a Masterclass on Cocktail mixology on International Women’s Day, and you have Chef Sambit Banik sharing some of his exclusive tips and tricks, you just know you are in there for some real good stuff! The event was impeccably arranged by Zomato, with Samridhi Singhvi being her ever gracious self, as … Continue reading Zomato Mixology Masterclass

Rubi’s Grill- The 1KG Burger Challenge

Think twice before you open your mouth is what we got told often since our school days- as it could land us up in some pretty awkward situations. However, today was an occasion when doing exactly that could have landed you up in big trouble. And by “Big” I mean a kilogram kind of big. … Continue reading Rubi’s Grill- The 1KG Burger Challenge