The Great Divide- Saraswati Puja and Valentine’s Day

It is a war…it really is, as the ‘lal-pere basanti saree’ takes head on with red roses, red teddies and red ‘everythings’ at this time of the year. Especially so in typical Bengali households. Yes, it the great Saraswati Pujo/Valentine’s Day divide. Who can deny the charm of those stealing glances, coy smiles and impromptu … Continue reading The Great Divide- Saraswati Puja and Valentine’s Day

Zeroed on Zero resolutions

With December almost nearing its end, that dreaded time of the year is here again- when I need to review my past year’s resolutions and make new ones. Though this year has been enriching (in terms of my waistline at least), I could not manage to tick off many in my list of resolutions of … Continue reading Zeroed on Zero resolutions

Baba Nam-Dev

It’s been some time since our Blog has been up, but we are still running a non-profit organization. So we decided to consult “someone”.

Puja Diaries Part Three- Ganesha’s Bride

An Indian woman’s ideal husband ? Lord Shiva. So it is He that they wrship year after year, in the hopes of getting someone like him. What do they find appealing in a weed-smoking-free-of-the-cares-of-the-world kind of man is what baffles me though. Anyway it is not in my nature to question the ladies. They are … Continue reading Puja Diaries Part Three- Ganesha’s Bride

A Sudden Shower

As I'm about to get down from the bus, it starts to rain all of a sudden. I'm returning home from office, and it's already quite late. My house is a little far off from the bus stop, and I get all drenched. But I don't complain. Timing is everything. If this would have happened in the … Continue reading A Sudden Shower

Pujo Diaries – Part One

Med school taught me that a fevered person is expected to have a heart rate higher than normal, tachycardia as they call it …well, that was simple to learn as I have grown up in a city that is gripped with the PUJO fever, and an escalating pulse rate, almost about weeks or months before the … Continue reading Pujo Diaries – Part One

The City On a Bandh Day

Every morning by 7am I get woken up from sleep, by the intense din and bustle outside. Perks of living on a busy street. But today was different. Today it was quite peaceful. No cars, no people, no stray dogs (ya that too!) - nothing. It was a Bandh after all. Something  that is celebrated in … Continue reading The City On a Bandh Day

Red Eye Reduction

My father, like most fathers, is always worried about his children, but not so much about himself. My sister and her husband, Devlina and Archya, who happen to be doctors,  keep a hawk's eye over his health, to catch the slightest sign of any deviation. My father, on the other hand, has taken it upon … Continue reading Red Eye Reduction

Why Do We Love Minions ?

I love minions. I love everything about them. And so do a lot of my friends. I sometimes wonder why ? What is it about minions that make them so adorable ? (well you must have realized by now that if you don't share the same love for these things, you may skip the article). … Continue reading Why Do We Love Minions ?

5 Things to do On Independence Day

Enjoy freedom from office work by waking up at 12 Noon. Change your Facebook profile picture and cover photo to the Indian Tricolor and a poster of the heroes of our freedom struggle. Do a Google search to find out who those people actually were. Gandhi, Nehru.... And if you are from Bengal, then Subhas Chandra … Continue reading 5 Things to do On Independence Day

Travel Wise

We humans lose most of our productivities by sleeping. Or that's what I heard before I moved into office from college. Then it got replaced by travelling. To and fro from my workplace, in the ever so congested city roads. A complete waste of precious time, which I could have diverted to so much more. … Continue reading Travel Wise

Sunny Side Down ?

(Due to an acute supply crisis, we are unable to procure a feature pic for this article) No this is not about the weather. My co-author Devlina has already covered that, for some time to come atleast. This is about business, and how a crucial decision to shift it, can make or break your career. … Continue reading Sunny Side Down ?