To be a Father or a Mother, that is the question !

As the wheels touched down on the tarmac, I got a rude jolt. I had arrived at Ahmedabad, putting a distance of two thousand miles between me and my family. As I swung the backpack on my shoulders, it felt heavier than what it was back home. A lot was riding on my shoulders, and … Continue reading To be a Father or a Mother, that is the question !


The ordeals of being a father !

Last night had been one of the most difficult nights of my life. Even the night before the final exams- which is the dread of every student at college- was a cakewalk compared to this ! It had begun well. Baby Sharo had retired to bed a little early than her usual 1030 ‘goodnight regime’. … Continue reading The ordeals of being a father !

Pregnancy Fashion Fix

Yayy!! The sale season is here. Favourite brands, best stores, the biggest discounts…we know that feeling right? So I started making a mental list of what I may need-  regular wear kurtis, some blingy stuff for the festivals and shaadis, the perfect white shirt that I am forever craving for, and a sexy stilletoe to … Continue reading Pregnancy Fashion Fix

From Long Drives to Diaper Changes

Nauseating to some marshmellow’y’ to others, me and my husband happen to be that kind of a couple who have known each other from school-became friends-turned lovers-turned man and wife-became parents….and remained friends still :-D. A nasty long 14 years is exactly what it took us here today. Too used to our usual ‘routine’ of … Continue reading From Long Drives to Diaper Changes

Bump Cute – Pregnancy Photoshoot !

“Are you sure about it or should we repeat the test ?” he whispered. We exchanged tentative glances, as the proverbial ‘double lines’ showed up. However, I knew very well that my little peanut was aboard the Stork Express. My profession has taught me well what sudden increased tours and detours to the toilet, a … Continue reading Bump Cute – Pregnancy Photoshoot !