The Near God Experience- Gurudongma

The atheists may disagree, the sceptics may frown but there are moments in our lives when we feel closer to The Divine. For what a rationalist would call an “AHA” moment, they come mostly serendipitously and for other instances they have to be planned … yes much like the vacations and getaways! It was the … Continue reading The Near God Experience- Gurudongma

The Blue Ink Day

We have lived in the city long enough to know its pulse and flavor by heart now, and so even a minute deviation from the usual  doesn’t go unnoticed. Yesterday was one such day. The city had gone to elections, and given the not-so-peaceful reports of polls in certain areas over the last month, people … Continue reading The Blue Ink Day

Poila Baisakh- From Essays to Blogs

Poila Baisakh has come a long way. From being a “common” essay in exams, to a blog post. From home cooked malaikari to Bhojohori. From Satyajit Ray to Jungle Book (3D). Ever since I remember, though, the reason behind celebrating another new year was never quite clear to me. Doesn’t mean I was complaining though! … Continue reading Poila Baisakh- From Essays to Blogs

A Poila Baisakh Buffet

With Poila Baisakh just a week away, we Bengalis have started scouting for places to have the first lunch (or dinner) of the year. And for foodies like us, who have exhausted all possible places in the city over the past few years, the prospect of a Poila Baisakh special buffet at a place we … Continue reading A Poila Baisakh Buffet

The Liquid Nitro Ice Cream Parlor in the City

Ice creams and molecular gastronomy. The combination sounds too tempting to resist! Although with chemistry lending its well kept secrets to the creation of ice creams, the nomenclature itself gets questioned !  Can you call a product with very little cream, and frozen by LN2 (Liquid nitrogen people) ice-creams ? That’s the debate I am willing to take … Continue reading The Liquid Nitro Ice Cream Parlor in the City

Holi Moly

With Holi knocking on our doors, this is perhaps the best time to share our thoughts about the occasion ! Some Mythology gyan The Term Holi stems from “Holika”, who was said to be the evil aunt of Prahlad, the son of demon king Hiranyakashipu. Unlike other Ideal sons of the country, Prahlad was not … Continue reading Holi Moly

Pizza @Eagle Boys- The new kid on the block

It was the 14th of February, and skeptical of the waiting time at most places, we decided to check out the new pizza joint in the city, Eagle Boys. Yes! These guys from Down Under have decided to open an outlet in Kolkata, and we got invited for a special treat of their newly launched … Continue reading Pizza @Eagle Boys- The new kid on the block

Rubi’s Grill- The 1KG Burger Challenge

Think twice before you open your mouth is what we got told often since our school days- as it could land us up in some pretty awkward situations. However, today was an occasion when doing exactly that could have landed you up in big trouble. And by “Big” I mean a kilogram kind of big. … Continue reading Rubi’s Grill- The 1KG Burger Challenge

Have you Booked your date yet ?

With the International Kolkata Book Fair having kicked off, it was time for us to pay our annual visit. It is a tradition of sorts for people in Kolkata - a quintessential part of the blink-and-you-miss winter here. You don’t question why - you just go! The fair had lost some of its sheen when … Continue reading Have you Booked your date yet ?

A Day Out in the City

The Bongs have long left their abodes, and have traveled to all corners of the globe, settling down in foreign lands and making it their own - soaking in local flavors and becoming a part of the global race. So what is it that still unites the Bongs the world over? It is their desire … Continue reading A Day Out in the City

The Haunting in Kolkata

It was on the evening of Halloween, when having nothing much to do, I decided to embark on a trail to the haunted places in Kolkata, with my friends. Of course I had done my research and knew the top sites in the city, but having someone well versed in the game would increase our … Continue reading The Haunting in Kolkata

Zeroed on Zero resolutions

With December almost nearing its end, that dreaded time of the year is here again- when I need to review my past year’s resolutions and make new ones. Though this year has been enriching (in terms of my waistline at least), I could not manage to tick off many in my list of resolutions of … Continue reading Zeroed on Zero resolutions