Bhatiar Gali, Ahmedabad – food and more

I am being rather honest and upfront when I say that my palatte has a innate inclination towards non vegetarian food. However, during our year long stay in Ahmedabad, one of the culinary challenges was the procurement of good non vegetarian food or raw material.
While I would be lying if I say I did not enjoy the stuffed Parathas, the generous dollops of muska on that bun or the ‘tawa icecream’, a part of me did miss good meaty meals at times. It was then that I came to know about Bhatiar Gali.

What, where and how

Bhatiar Gali in Ahmedabad is like a little rustic oasis of all things meaty amidst all the fafra and thepla around. Located a few steps away from the famous Teen Darwaza, the narrow lanes and bylanes of Bhatiar Gali serves everything from Tava-Biryani, Bheja Masala, Chicken Angaar, Keema Samosas, Chaap Fry, Bhuna Gosht, spicy Skewers and ofcourse the famed Bera samosas.
This particular stretch of the city has a distinct flavour from both the cultural and culinary point of view.
The Galli serves different food items at different times of the day. Early morning is for paya (mutton trotters), nalli (bone marrow) and gosht (tender meat) to be eaten with tandoori roti or dal. Through the day, samosas, halim, sheekh kabab and khurdi (bone soup) which has bajra added to it can be availed of.

End your meal with gulab jamun, jalebi or malpua from the sweetmeat shops in the same area. And ofcourse we had to have a cup of Chai garam to seal the deal!


•The narrow dingy lanes are best explored by walking and sampling food from the numerous small, no frill stalls.
• Try not visiting with a group even if a small one.
• Carry your water.
• Do not expect anything fancy.

Must try
✓Bera Samosa- tiny, spicy meat samosas
✓Bheja masala – Lamb brain fry
✓ Chicken chaap with Roti
✓ Bari Handa- stews simmered in clay ovens overnight.

Bon Appetit



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