The Ordeals of Being a Father


Last night had been one of the most difficult nights of my life. Even the night before the final exams- which is the dread of every student at college- was a cakewalk compared to this !
It had begun well. Baby Sharo had retired to bed a little early than her usual 1030 ‘goodnight regime’. My wife and me rushed to prep our beds in stealth modes, that would put even the elitist  commando units to shame. But our training had not been any less rigorous. The last five months  had made us experts in doing all household chores with the minimum of noise, sometimes the complete lack of it. Shit! It has also made our arguments speechless. (My wife’s rather- I had been always a listener.)

We were feeling lucky to have gone to bed by 11 PM. Sharo would not wake up before 2, we assured ourselves, and…

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