Maps of Meghalaya- a Travelogue

The northeastern province of India is much like a Pandora’s Box. A hidden paradise of nature’s bounty. Natural beauty, biodiversity, heritage, authentic local cuisine and the best of native folks and their folklores, there is hardly any room for complaints.
Amongst the Seven Sister States of N-E, I have been intrigued by Meghalaya for reasons more than one. Breathtaking waterfalls, the eeriely beautiful Living Root Bridges, Limestone caves and Monoliths. It was a long list. In this blog post we will be sharing a sketch of out itinerary to Meghalaya.

Trip duration 7 days 6 nights

Day 1

Started from Kolkata -flew to Shillong airport- Airport to town by car (45mins)
Visited Bara Pani/ Umium Lake on our way.

Local exploration at Police Bazar and gorging onto some delicious food at Cafe Shillong saw us calling it a day.

Day 2

Started off Elephant Falls,

Mawphlang Sacred Grove after breakfast (rental car with guide).

Here’s the link to our trip to the Monoliths 

Returned late afternoon. In the evening visited the Wards lake and a nearby Church in the town.

Day 3

Started off for Cherrapunjee ( 3hrs drive).
Dropped by Mawsmai Caves and Nohkalikai Falls on the way.

Night halt at Cherrapunjee Holiday Resort with bonfires, conversations and the anticipation of visiting the Living Root Bridges the next morning.

Day 4

The big day. Started at 8 am in the morning – reached at around 12 noon- left at around 2 and came back by 5. You have to be back by sunset.
Here’s the link to the Double Decker Bridge Trek.

Day 5

Left for Guwahati from Cherrapunjee. Reached by evening. Visited Mawlynnong village and Riwai root bridge on the way.

Day 6

Visited Kamakhya Mandir.

Day 7

Back to Kolkata from Guwahati.

Travel tips

•Get your air/ rail tickets arranged beforehand. The flight to Shillong saves you time but it is was only a biweekly when we booked it.
•Time your trip from May end to mid August to get to see all the waterfalls.
•Carry umbrellas, raincoats, good shoes for the rough treks, dry food and medicines and light woollens.

Hope this helps if you are planning a trip to the Abode of Clouds anytime soon
Do share your stories and experiences.

Bon voyage


3 thoughts on “Maps of Meghalaya- a Travelogue

  1. That church looks something out of a fairy tale and I like the picture of the lady with the pretty yellow umbrella. 🙂


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