All that you never knew about Palm Oil! An evening of learning and more…

Did you know that we all consume Palm Oil in some way everyday? Well atleast I didn’t! Palm oil is being used in Biscuits, Chocolates, common indian snacks, medicines and even cosmetics!! However, there is very little awareness among the general population about Palm Oil.

A fun interactive evening was organised by the Malaysian Palm Oil Council, India ( MPOC, India) in association with UNbox Concepts on the 2nd of January, 2018. Bloggers, food reviewers, photographers and food industry entrepreneurs from Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar were invited in the event.

The session started off with a talk by Dr. Bhavna Shah, country head India and Sri Lanka, MPOC. She conducted an informative and knowledgeable session addressing the health benefits and myths surrounding palm oil.

What we need to know about Palm Oil

  • Palm Oil (also known as dende oil), is an edible vegetable oil, derived from the fruit of the oil palms.
  • It is supposed to have a high content of Vitamin E- the natural anti oxidant in the body.
  • It is also rich in beta carotenes, which gives it the typical red color.
  • It has been long used in salads, and in various processed foods.
  • Due to its affordability, it is also a medium of cooking in many countries.
  • It raises HDL levels in the blood, which is cardio protective.

How the event went

The knowledge sharing session was followed by a treasure hunt competition which saw the participants running for cues. The hunt started at Kbob’s and included Barbecue Nation, Happy Singh and Sugar and spice. The hunt included a blind folded challenge where we had to guess the ingredients of the dish served to us and a salad making competition.Needless the activities stirred a lot of excitement and enthusiasm!

This was followed by an icecream eating competition at Kbob’s followed by a sumptuous dinner. Ofcourse a lot of posing and clicking went on through all this time. Oh! And did I mention we were all asked to be at our ‘ retro’s best for the event!!

It was definitely a very well spent evening organised by MPOC, India and UNbox Concepts that lead to learning and some very constructive interactions.

Stay healthy stay happy



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