How to Style the Over-Sized Shirt:

Gone are the days when shirts for females would either be school uniforms, or tugging-at-the-button tight things in the name of office-wear. Over-sized shirts are not just super-comfortable, but are extremely versatile too! Being the sucker for comfortable clothing that I am, I swear by long, baggy shirts and style them in a number of ways. Here’s 3 looks where I wore the same denim shirt in ice-blue, in 3 different ways. I kept the colour theme Blue & Pink to further highlight that even with the same shirt and the same colour scheme, the looks are not repetitive at all.

1. The Shirt Dress:

Shirt dresses are the new rage, and very rightly so. This shirt reached my mid-thighs and hence is the perfect length for a short yet sporty dress. I wore it with a thin belt in a pop colour, to break the monotony of the solid shirt, and also to create some curves at the upper waist region. I added some funky brooches from Lifestyle to the look too, to add some fun micro-elements.

Note: Without the belt, the dress runs the chance of looking like a shape-less pillow case.

2. Over-Sized Shirt with Leggings/ Stockings:

A baggy shirt and a skin-hugging bottom-wear is a boon for those with a heavier upper body and longer legs. The not-so-flat, well-fed tummy gets enough space to jiggle around, while the legging clad legs steal the limelight. Non-sheer stockings, especially the bright coloured ones work well for this look too.

Note: Sheer stockings can make the entire look an epic fail!

3. The Travelling Jacket:

For this look I paired a jeggings from M&S, with a non-collared top and topped it with the shirt, which acted like a jacket. This is a colour-blocked look, with no prints or stripes in any of the clothing. But I have tried the same look with a combination of prints as well, and it was pretty good too! I am generally cold in the temperature inside flights, so I essentially carry a jacket to hug me on my journey, and shirt-jackets are just perfect for the job.

Note: Collared tops inside a shirt-jacket just doesn’t work for me.

Let us know how you styled your Over-Sized Shirt… Much Love!



3 thoughts on “How to Style the Over-Sized Shirt:

  1. Hi.. They are cutely styled.. I am specifically a travelling style person though.. N can u just tell me where did you purchase the shoe(featured in first and second look) from?

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