Palm Oil- A viable natural alternative ?

As Malaysian Palm Oil council completed 100 Years, we were invited for an interactive session on the benefits of palm oil, along with other bloggers from the city.


Palm Oil (also known as dende oil), is an edible vegetable oil, derived from the fruit of the oil palms. It is supposed to have a high content of Vitamin E- the natural anti oxidant in the body. It is also rich in beta carotenes, which gives it the typical red color. It has been long used in salads, and in various processed foods. Due to its affordability, it is also a medium of cooking in many countries. It also raises HDL levels in the blood, which is cardio protective.

Since recently palm oil had been in the news for all the wrong reasons- suspected health benefits, and deforestation, we couldn’t help but put forward some questions on the same. They were addressed in details by the CEO of MPOC, Dr. Kalyana Sundram.


The next event was a treasure hunt, for which the bloggers were divided into five groups, and each was handed a cue card. Solving the clues, we made our way to Mocambo, Park Street. There we were given further clues, that led us to Oasis, another well known resto in Park Street.

Bind folded, trying to decipher the tastes served on the table


There a nice surprise awaited us- a blind salad tasting! The next clue led us to Trincas, where a salad making contest awaited us! We had to pick and choose the ingredients for the salad, and make one of our own. We were reminded of Masterchef Australia, and imagined what Preston would have thought of our offerings!


It all ended with a dart throwing competition, where we tried to be at our shooting best!  And yes, the icing on the cake was the delicious buffet spread at Barbeque for lunch!

Bull’s Eye !

That’s what we call a Saturday morning well spent !


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