The India Story

Weekends present me with a unique dilemma. How to best utilize the two days of much needed break I get from work? Having exhausted all possible avenues in the city, over the past few months, makes it a grim issue.

I was brooding over this perennial weekend crisis, when I saw posters of “India Story” scattered across the city’s skylines. Happening at Swabhumi, and organized by Neotia Arts, I couldn’t resist the temptation to be there and find out what was it all about?

Well, I wasn’t disappointed. With the winter chill just starting to set in, it was ideal conditions for an outdoor trip. It was an initiative to present the best in arts, culture, lifestyle and food from across the country under one roof.  Spearheaded by Madhu Neotia and assisted by the Designer duo of Swarup Dutta and Nil, it showcased Indian creative talent and products exclusively Indian.

Thanks to Zomato, we got an early invite for the opening event that had lots of fun and games. Add to it some really nice food, and great tea cocktails, we couldn’t have asked for more to indulge in that weekend. It was a great effort, on the part of the organizers and the participants, and here’s hoping we see more such events in the city in the future.



It showcased a great collection of Indigenous Fashion from all parts of the country
Yes! Something for the Milk Teeth walas too !


Gourmet ice cream lovers were spoiled for choice 
Chocolates anyone ?
Tea lovers had their fair share of indulgences too !
And finally, our team poses for the Cam !



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