State it with Style (Part I)

There are days when we are in a serious mood to dress up, while there are times when climbing the Mt.Everest seem easier than slipping out of those tattered pyajamas. Yes, mood swings are a part of our being! I am sure many of you ladies are already happy that you have finally found your support group here! This post though, is about the ‘dress to kill’ part.

Don’t we all love it when the much planned look for that dinner date or the glam wedding, or a weekend movie for that matter, turns out to be perfect? J Somewhere we all try to add that personal little touch that defines us to our look, and sets us apart from the crowd. As style is a very individual statement, I thought of sharing with you all the magic of ‘Statement Neckpieces’.

They are a huge personal favourite of mine. Easy, smart and eye-grabbing Statement Neckpieces can give your otherwise mundane look the much needed “aha” twist! Here are some simple tips you need to follow:

  • Try teaming them with monochromes, simple tops and tees, or attires with simple cuts
  • Go easy on your make up
  • Keep other accessories like earrings and bangles to a minimum as you do not want to end up looking like a Christmas tree!
  • Most importantly, top it off with your gorgeous SMILE and believe that you are the prettiest when you dress to impress no one but yourself!


Sharing with you some personal favourites from my collection, that go particularly well with ethnic outfits :

The layered neck-piece of Fabric Beads, in blue green tone, from Byloom, Kolkata


The Metallic Body Chain, that doubles up as a Statement Neckpiece, from Janpath, New Delhi
DSC07166 (2)
Oxidized Silver and Semi Precious Stone layered Neck piece, received as a gift from a friend 
A Chunky Junk Silver Neck piece from Jaipur, India

Hope to see you all making some serious statements every time you step out.

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Devlina, in her own words, is “Just another Bengali woman proud of her Rabindrasangeet and Rosogolla roots ….. a psychiatry resident, still picking up the shells on the Freudian shore !”

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9 thoughts on “State it with Style (Part I)

  1. Haa..lovely girly post…I share the same feelings too…love love your neck peices and you look cute too….Kolkata is a great place to shop…I never missed the melas there..loved the variesd collection they had and all I binged and bought many..but hardly get time to flaunt them..reading your post inspires me to get them out and dress fav part is teaming them up with a typical Kolkata cotton saree and a biguh bindi…overall a lovely post…💞💞💞👍👍👍

    Liked by 1 person

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