The Winners of our Birthday Giveaway !

It has been a really difficult contest to judge! We had a lot of good shots being shared across our Facebook page and Zomato over the last week. The judges took their time, and in the end to ease their pain a bit, decided to declare two winners instead of one!

So here are the winning shots :



This was shared by Shounak Ray, and was taken at Paris Cafe
Devilled Crab – This was shared by Sharmistha Guha Thakurata, and taken at Mocambo, Park Street

Congratulations are in order, and their Zomato goodies are on their way, we are told, by our sponsors πŸ™‚

Before signing off, we would like to add, that egged on by requests from various co bloggers, who couldn’t participate this time due to personal reasons, we have decided to host another such contest, in the near future. So stay tuned, and check our FB page for further updates.

We have also added an album, containing hand picked shots from the contest, on our Facebook Page πŸ™‚



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