Zomato Mixology Masterclass

When Zomato arranges for a Masterclass on Cocktail mixology on International Women’s Day, and you have Chef Sambit Banik sharing some of his exclusive tips and tricks, you just know you are in there for some real good stuff! The event was impeccably arranged by Zomato, with Samridhi Singhvi being her ever gracious self, as we gathered up at SpiceKraft on the evening of 8th March.

The show started off with Chef Sambit churning up the most perfect glass of Mulled wine. It was sheer bliss as we sipped into our glasses of warm wine and watch the Chef cruise through the Classic Cosmopolitan, Apple Wood Smoked Guava Mary and the Utterly Butterly Jameson (a dessert cocktail conceptualized by the Chef himself). The audience was at awe as the Chef mixed, churned, shaked and even smoked up one cocktail after another. The session became all the more fun and interactive as fellow foodies shared their “drunken secrets” and some volunteered to shake that shaker!

All this while, we had mouth-watering plates of nibbles accompanying each round of cocktail. A personal favourite was the Kele ke phool ke Croque Monsiuer and the Lebanese Dajaj Chermoula.

As this high-spirited evening came to an end, we were all swooning (quite literally)! There could not have been a better way to celebrate ourselves on the eve of Women’s Day. Hic!


The enticing line up for the evening



Mulled Wine
As the secrets of Mixology reveal
Beer Can Tempura Fish


Lebanese Dajaj Chermoula
Guava Mary
Playing with fire


Subj ke Gelawat
Utterly Butterly Jameson







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