Fun Asian Eating @ Mamagoto

Asian cuisine has always been a big weakness of mine. Thus when Mamagoto, the fun Asian dining joint opened its first outlet in Kolkata it immediately made it to the top of my wishlist! Read on for my experience at the big daddy of Asian food. Located near Magma House, Park Street, the place with … Continue reading Fun Asian Eating @ Mamagoto

O Hori ! Harry was a Bangali ?

“Issh, it's 10 o' clock and you are still sleeping ?” In came a kick to the belly. Harry jumped up from his sleep. “Get up, you lazy bone and get some groceries. I need to cook our lunch”, Aunt Petunia boomed. Harry was forced out of the house, a few notes of muggle money … Continue reading O Hori ! Harry was a Bangali ?

CremeCup- deliciousness at your doorstep

You cannot really ask for more when you have sweetness delivered at your doorstep. That is precisely what this online, exclusively vegetarian, Bakery is about. We got a good old Chocolate Truffle Cake from them and was darn impressed with their delivery and packaging. Despite the soaring temperature outside, the cake sat nice and pretty … Continue reading CremeCup- deliciousness at your doorstep

A Poila Baisakh Buffet

With Poila Baisakh just a week away, we Bengalis have started scouting for places to have the first lunch (or dinner) of the year. And for foodies like us, who have exhausted all possible places in the city over the past few years, the prospect of a Poila Baisakh special buffet at a place we … Continue reading A Poila Baisakh Buffet

Vietnamese food festival- Blu, Aauris

As the blink ’n’ miss wintry chill is gone and the mercury is already soaring up, a change of palate is just what you need! And what better way to welcome the sunny days with some subtle and refreshing Asian flavours. That is exactly what is so exciting about this ongoing ‘Vietnamese Food Festival’ at … Continue reading Vietnamese food festival- Blu, Aauris

A Day Out in the City

The Bongs have long left their abodes, and have traveled to all corners of the globe, settling down in foreign lands and making it their own - soaking in local flavors and becoming a part of the global race. So what is it that still unites the Bongs the world over? It is their desire … Continue reading A Day Out in the City

Christmas Carnival In Kolkata

Gone are the days when Christmas in Kolkata meant shopping at Hogg Market (New Market), picking up pastries and baba cakes from Nahoum’s and Flury’s, attending Midnight Mass at popular Cathedrals, and of course, not forgetting to place my stockings on Christmas eve for Santa (read parents) to fill them up with a Cadbury bar … Continue reading Christmas Carnival In Kolkata

Hakuna Matata

Being a hard-core omnivore, a pure veg restaurant is never my natural choice, and thus Hakuna Matata happened accidentally... happy that it did though!! As you enter this newly opened place, just opposite Kwality in Park street , you cannot but love their colorful, casual and smart décor, and yes that wish tree with sticky … Continue reading Hakuna Matata