The First Flush Experience

5% discount on a Zomato/ Facebook check in. 10% discount on a review in Zomato/ Facebook – just carry a screenshot. Dessert coming complementary with a main course…..sounds like a deal? Well then First Flush is where you should be. Wholesome, delicious comfort food and some hot beverages is just what we needed to greet … Continue reading The First Flush Experience


Sienna Store and Cafe

Tucked inside one of the by-lanes in the Hindustan Park area (just opposite Byloom, Gariahat), Sienna is an eclectic mix of quaint and quirk. And guess what it serves pretty awesome food as well. Reason enough to fall in love right? Yes that is the exact reason why it was a love at first sight … Continue reading Sienna Store and Cafe

Pujo Mane….

Durga Pujo in Kolkata for me is a magical time. Crazy pujo shopping, crazier pandal hopping, gorging on fancy and street foods, new shoes and blisters on the feet, and to top it all- the unparalleled spirit and those big broad smiles everywhere… yes it  indeed is the BIG BONG CARNIVAL! With a few more … Continue reading Pujo Mane….

Let’s Show Off!

Aren't we all tired of two diametrically opposite views of India, by firangs? It's either a picture of a poor, dirty country, with everyone living on the streets in a deplorable condition; or it's that of an unreal opulence, tigers and elephants, palaces and pearls, and velvety grandeur. And such a partial and distorted image of … Continue reading Let’s Show Off!

Kolkatar Dosh Kaahon: Ten must do things in Kolkata

     1. Walk through the Gorer Math Gorer Math, or the Maidan, symbolizes two very contrary passions of us- the Bengalis. Dotted with over 75 sports clubs, small and big, it beautifully reflects Bengal’s madness about sports. On the other hand, the Maidan is synonymous with our carefree spirit mixed with oodles of ‘lyadh’. It's … Continue reading Kolkatar Dosh Kaahon: Ten must do things in Kolkata

Rubi’s Grill- The 1KG Burger Challenge

Think twice before you open your mouth is what we got told often since our school days- as it could land us up in some pretty awkward situations. However, today was an occasion when doing exactly that could have landed you up in big trouble. And by “Big” I mean a kilogram kind of big. … Continue reading Rubi’s Grill- The 1KG Burger Challenge

That smell in the Air

Yes, it is that time of the year again. The countdown has begun, along with the meticulous planning to pack as much as possible, into those  4 days .Well, to be honest, it’s not 4 anymore, as we have somehow extended this to almost a week. But hey, who’s complaining anyway 🙂 Be it in books,Bollywood … Continue reading That smell in the Air