Durga Puja- A Bengali’s Organized Mess

It’s Panchami and I am fretting around trying to figure out how to fit in those extra plans into my already packed schedule. Yes, it’s the Pujas in Kolkata and the next few days are going to be a hurricane. Three night outs, four day trips, two evening Addas, the Ashtami Anjali and Bhog- I … Continue reading Durga Puja- A Bengali’s Organized Mess

Pujo Mane….

Durga Pujo in Kolkata for me is a magical time. Crazy pujo shopping, crazier pandal hopping, gorging on fancy and street foods, new shoes and blisters on the feet, and to top it all- the unparalleled spirit and those big broad smiles everywhere… yes it  indeed is the BIG BONG CARNIVAL! With a few more … Continue reading Pujo Mane….

Pujo Diaries Part Four – Sindur Khela

For every Bengali woman ‘sidur khela’ (Vermillion game) holds much significance. Every year on Vijaya dashami/ Bijoya dashami,  which marks the culmination of the five days of Durga Puja,  ‘lal-par shada saree’ clad Bengali women follow this ritual to the tee. They bid farewell to Ma Durga, who leaves for her heavenly abode and Lord … Continue reading Pujo Diaries Part Four – Sindur Khela