That’s a Deal: My Favorite Flea Markets in the Country

What’s better than food therapy? Retail therapy, of course! Well, my sister and I should most definitely sign up for Shopaholics Anonymous, but this is an addiction we would rather keep. The only bad thing about shopping however is, it costs money. Well, I don’t see the Utopian idea of free stores being a reality … Continue reading That’s a Deal: My Favorite Flea Markets in the Country

Dolly’s – The Tea Shop: Certainly my Cup of Tea

Looking for that perfect Cuppa ? Here’s where you should be 🙂


This one used to be a usual haunt for me a few years back, but somehow, with the appearance of so many adda joints around, it got sidelined for months and years. This is the place which made me fall in love with tea, and made me understand that it is so much more than a syrupy hot brown liquid.

Today when i visited Dolly’s after years together, the place greeted me just like it used to. As I sat down in my favourite corner, a rehydrating shot of cold water with salt and sugar was given to me, along with a cool wet tissue to wipe off the sweat and grime. This was such a wonderful gesture in the sweltering heat of summer afternoons, that I instantly fell in love with them once again.

I am a sucker for their Corny-Cheesy Sandwich and also their Orange Julep. But I…

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Let’s Show Off!

Aren't we all tired of two diametrically opposite views of India, by firangs? It's either a picture of a poor, dirty country, with everyone living on the streets in a deplorable condition; or it's that of an unreal opulence, tigers and elephants, palaces and pearls, and velvety grandeur. And such a partial and distorted image of … Continue reading Let’s Show Off!

Kolkatar Dosh Kaahon: Ten must do things in Kolkata

     1. Walk through the Gorer Math Gorer Math, or the Maidan, symbolizes two very contrary passions of us- the Bengalis. Dotted with over 75 sports clubs, small and big, it beautifully reflects Bengal’s madness about sports. On the other hand, the Maidan is synonymous with our carefree spirit mixed with oodles of ‘lyadh’. It's … Continue reading Kolkatar Dosh Kaahon: Ten must do things in Kolkata

Bagore Ki Haveli-A peek into the folk culture of Rajasthan

Udaipur is a beautiful city, and it had enthralled me the moment I had seen it for the first time in January, 2012. Such was the attraction that I couldn't resist myself from going there again in October, 2015. I loved the City Palace, the Jag Mandir, the roof-top eateries, the shops selling knick-knacks, the … Continue reading Bagore Ki Haveli-A peek into the folk culture of Rajasthan

What the Cake !

When there's Xmas, there has to be cakes. Not the fancy ones we normally prefer round the year, like 'a little savoury ones' or the ones lined with exorbitantly  priced exotic fruits; but the good old fruit cake. The maximum variation would be plum or chocolate. But get anything fancier, and it will fail miserably … Continue reading What the Cake !

The New-Age Bong Biye

Gone are the days when the perfect Bengali wedding was about the Paka Dekha - Ashirbaad - Aiburobhat - Gaye Holud - Biye - Bashi Biye - Bhaat Kapor - Boubhaat regime. The entire Bangali clan is a sucker for celebrations and has included a hoard of new blingy 'rituals' to add the required spice … Continue reading The New-Age Bong Biye

That smell in the Air

Yes, it is that time of the year again. The countdown has begun, along with the meticulous planning to pack as much as possible, into those  4 days .Well, to be honest, it’s not 4 anymore, as we have somehow extended this to almost a week. But hey, who’s complaining anyway 🙂 Be it in books,Bollywood … Continue reading That smell in the Air

Red Eye Reduction

My father, like most fathers, is always worried about his children, but not so much about himself. My sister and her husband, Devlina and Archya, who happen to be doctors,  keep a hawk's eye over his health, to catch the slightest sign of any deviation. My father, on the other hand, has taken it upon … Continue reading Red Eye Reduction

View From the Heel-Top

I am one of those women who can walk, run, jump, skip and dance in heels. But am I comfortable in those? Hell, no! Heels are painful. Period. There's no denying that. Some manage to bear the pain. But if someone claims that she is 'comfortable' in heels, then either she is a compulsive liar, … Continue reading View From the Heel-Top

The Kaleidoscope

Remember the Kaleidoscopes we had as kids? Mine was a red plastic tube with a glass hexagon inside and a few pieces of coloured glass which beautifully arranged themselves into a new pattern each time I looked. In college years, in my khadi-jhola-kohl phase, glass bangles used to be my favourite accessory. Now that I … Continue reading The Kaleidoscope