Now order your Ashtami Bhog Online !

Ashtami is never complete without the quintessential Bhog at the Para Pandal. It has been a tradition ever since I remember- going out at noon, all dressed up in the saree or the Panjabi, for the Khichudi and Payesh. However, this year we knew it would not be possible for us to go out, having … Continue reading Now order your Ashtami Bhog Online !

Durga Puja- A Bengali’s Organized Mess

It’s Panchami and I am fretting around trying to figure out how to fit in those extra plans into my already packed schedule. Yes, it’s the Pujas in Kolkata and the next few days are going to be a hurricane. Three night outs, four day trips, two evening Addas, the Ashtami Anjali and Bhog- I … Continue reading Durga Puja- A Bengali’s Organized Mess

The Monkey is in Town

It wasn’t easy. Foodies who managed to be there on the 5th eve will vouch for that! It was a day that had witnessed the greatest rainfall in the year maybe, and we had to drag our wheels through horrible traffic, and our feet through knee deep water. Bar ekbar jo humne commitment kar diya, … Continue reading The Monkey is in Town

Of Bellies, Bulges and Burgers

Statutory Warning : All items presented here are taken out hot from the oven, and are not intended for those allergic to sinfully tempting food, or those on a diet. Ok, enough of the lame intro. Let’s get down to the business (of food tasting). So, it was on a pretty monotonous summer eve that … Continue reading Of Bellies, Bulges and Burgers

Chai Shai @ Chai Break

Tea is very much the thing I thrive on. It is to me what water is for fishes. So I just couldn’t miss out when Thinkquisitive invited me over for an evening of food tasting at Chai Break, at their recently launched outlet at Kankurgachi.     What better way to refresh yourself after the … Continue reading Chai Shai @ Chai Break

The Night Before the Exams !

Two days left for my finals. And I'm writing an article on the blog ? Because I have realized it's futile to study anything now. There's far too much  to cover than I possibly can in two weeks, let alone two days. I better accept gracefully what my destiny is. Atleast go down in history … Continue reading The Night Before the Exams !

The Winners of our Birthday Giveaway !

It has been a really difficult contest to judge! We had a lot of good shots being shared across our Facebook page and Zomato over the last week. The judges took their time, and in the end to ease their pain a bit, decided to declare two winners instead of one! So here are the winning … Continue reading The Winners of our Birthday Giveaway !

O Hori ! Harry was a Bangali ?

“Issh, it's 10 o' clock and you are still sleeping ?” In came a kick to the belly. Harry jumped up from his sleep. “Get up, you lazy bone and get some groceries. I need to cook our lunch”, Aunt Petunia boomed. Harry was forced out of the house, a few notes of muggle money … Continue reading O Hori ! Harry was a Bangali ?

The Living Root Bridges of Cherrapunjee

The last 500 steps were a daze. Our shirts could have yielded a bucket of water if squeezed, and our calf muscles felt like a thousand pins were being pricked into them. We were panting for breath, and taking even more step was a task. If you think you have stumbled upon some literary fiction, … Continue reading The Living Root Bridges of Cherrapunjee

My Experiments with Quizzing

Singing. Dancing. Quizzing. The three mistakes of my life. Just could have been the tagline of my autobiography too. But I had been prudent enough not to let that happen. But only until……well, shit happens in the end- and we get tempted to things we shouldn’t, by sheer peer pressure. Specially, when you are part … Continue reading My Experiments with Quizzing

Smoking Kills ?

4 am. It's been twenty hours into my first emergency duty. Four more  and I would get the day off. The last hour had been cool, and just as my eyelids were starting to droop, in came that dreaded sound of the collapsible gate being swung open. I jumped on my foot, another case. Another … Continue reading Smoking Kills ?