MCaffeine Naked and Raw Hair Care Range: Review

MCaffeine is a skin and hair care brand, that we all love now. Being a loyalist of their Naked and Raw line, specially the Coffee Body Scrub, I was very keen to try their new range of hair care products. I got the trio containing –
Coffee Scalp and Hair Oil
Coffee Scalp Scrub
Coffee Shampoo
Now, before moving on to the individual products, the two things which I absolutely adore about this brand in general, is the sturdy and functional packaging, and of course the amazing smell of coffee. And if you too love the coffee aroma like me, you will definitely love their range of dermatologically tested, FDA approved, coffee based skin and hair care products.

MCaffeine Naked and Raw Coffee Scalp and Hair Oil:
Now, I am certainly not a hair oil person. However,  I did not mind this one too much, as it was lightweight and not very sticky. This particular product has redensyl and argan oil, in addition to coffee oil. As my limited knowledge goes, Redensyl helps in promoting hair growth. Also, the list of ingredients didn’t have mineral oil.
Price: 399/- INR for 200 ml
Expiry: 23 months from manufacture

MCaffeine Naked and Raw Coffee Scalp Scrub:
This one has to be my favourite. There are hardly any ready to use scalp scrubs in the market as on date, but it only makes sense to scrub and exfoliate the dead cells of the scalp, if we are doing the same for dead cells on our face and body. The formulation, charged with natural AHA, is viscous and sticky, with granules. I won’t say it’s difficult to wash it off, but this was the first time I was using a scalp scrub, so I did end up with some tangles. I must mention here, that it will be a good idea to detangle your hair completely before using this, otherwise maneuvering the fingers through can get tricky. Massaging the scalp with this was very relaxing too, and made the head feel squeaky clean. It is packaged in a wide-mouthed tub, which is super functional and minimizes wastage, and comes with a wooden spatula to scoop out the product.
The product also claims to considerably control dandruff, but I used it in summer when there’s no dandruff, so will not be able to vouch for it.
Price: 599/- INR for 250 gm
Expiry: 23 months from manufacture

MCaffeine Naked and Raw Shampoo:
This beautiful smelling shampoo does its job well. It took me two washes to remove the granules of the coffee scrub from the scalp with this. And this shampoo makes the hair smell wonderful.

Price: 499/- INR for 200 ml
Expiry: 23 months from manufacture

Also the products of MCaffeine, are Vegan (not tested on animals), and free from SLS and Parabens.

Note: The products were sent to me for review. The opinions are entirely my own.


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