Lavender Imaginations – Your Knick Knack Fix

Cool, quirky, creative and affordable ….. is that the combination you are looking for? Then look no further as Lavender Imaginations is surely your fix. Brainchild of two school friends, Rajendrani  and Swagata, the lavender bloomed a few years ago as a natural extension of their passion.  Eventually one thing led to another and now they have an entire studio and a line of artisans working for them. “Well art was always our calling” gushes the lovely young ladies. 


Lavender Imaginations offers an enticing line up of stationaries, home décor items and trinkets, where each piece is hand crafted and unique. A personal favourite is their wall arts. From giving your home the much needed makeover to making carrying files and notebooks more fashionable and fun, the Lavender Imaginations is sure to impress you in ways more than one. Reasonably priced, all their products are an excellent gifting option as well. 



You can get their products from their website or directly from their Facebook page. The latter also offers attractive discount on items. 

P.S. They also do customized corporate gifting☺️.

Recommended : Their wall arts that starts from 350/- INR. 





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