Nutrience Kids Fitness Studio- Towards a fit new generation

As adults we are always fretting about fitness and diets, to lose those extra kilos that we always tend to put on. But little do we realize that the seeds of good physical health are sown from childhood.

In fact, childhood obesity is on the rise and has the potential to turn into one of the most serious health concerns in children in the coming decade. Attribute this to almost a complete lack of outdoor activities, coupled with increased amounts of junk food and soft drinks in the diet. This is something that needs to be nipped in the bud, and we as parents do have an important role to play, in guiding our children to make exercise a part of their regular routine.

Ms Hena Nafis, the  celebrated nutritionist, has started a first of its kind, Nutrience Kids Fitness Studio in the Kolkata. Nutrience Kids Fitness Studio is a gym-cum-nutrition centre for children between the age group of six to thirteen plus years and helps children to stay fit, increase their height and control obesity.

Objectives of NKFS

  • At NKFS, children and their parents are comprehensively mentored with a holistic program towards a healthier lifestyle. 
  • Proper diets fulfilling all nutritional needs of the child are planned along with a fitness regimen to achieve an active healthy lifestyle peppered with fun.
  • Individualized excercise and diet plans based on specific requirements.
  • Fun activities like dance,calligraphy,without gas cooking.
  • Positive reinforcement with small rewards.
  • Educating both children and their parents about the whats and hows of a healthy lifestyle.
  • Specially sourced equipments designed for children.


Salt Lake 

1A-272, Sector-3, Salt lake city,



New Alipore

850 Block p New Alipore Kolkata-53 opp ideal Exotica building



The ABCD of kids health



A Simple mantra for fitness !
The Fitness Board !

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