Pregnancy Fashion Fix

Yayy!! The sale season is here. Favourite brands, best stores, the biggest discounts…we know that feeling right? So I started making a mental list of what I may need-  regular wear kurtis, some blingy stuff for the festivals and shaadis, the perfect white shirt that I am forever craving for, and a sexy stilletoe to kill the weekend look …I giggled.

But wait… am I not pregnant??!! Whoosshhh, went the list down the drain.

During those 9 months while I was happy fat cat while my dumpling grew inside me, and punched in her cute kicks, I cannot deny those bouts of despair when I stood in front of my cupboard longingly staring at my clothes. The Jaipur ka jacket, the black kurta with a perfect fit, the Vero Moda top for special days and even that pompom juti … I grew out of them all. As pregnancy progressed, my repertoire of clothes went on a steady  downhill graph… and trust me it was not a good feeling.

I wanted to dress up like I usually love doing. And why not? Being pregnant never meant I had to give up everything that I loved doing and ending up being AUNTY ACID! I wanted to go out, watch sunsets at the Ganges, catch a movie or two, visit my favourite ice cream parlour…and in style 🙂

I had to find a fix. It was then that Pantrobes entered my life and became my best friend. Throw them upon a top or a kurti, pair them with your jeans or leggings-they would just effortlessly be that instant fix. Contemporary, comfortable and practical, they became the Holy Grail of my pregnancy wardrobe.

Easy pointers for rocking bumpfashion

  1. choose comfort first
  2. breathable fabrics are your best friend
  3. keep the paraphernalia to a minimum

Sharing a few looks 🙂

Pantrobe from W; Top from Vero Moda,  Shoes from Crocs


Pantrobe from W, Top from Vero Moda


Shrug from Kalki, Auroville


Devlina, in her own words, is “Just another Bengali woman proud of her Rabindrasangeet and Rosogolla roots ….. a Psychiatrist, still picking up the shells on the Freudian shore !”



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