Cabin Kotha – A dying culture

Kolkata is a city of laid back charm. People here romanticize the rains, believe in slow fashion, and savour their bhat ghoom (siesta).

The old cabins and kitchens of Kolkata still reverberate this culture.

There was a time before the avalanche of swanky malls and sleek cafes, when a stroll by the maidan, a movie at lighthouse, and some shopping at new market while having the kabiraji cutlet was the ideal date one could imagine.

Most of that charm has now been lost to the glitz and glamour of new ages restos, multiplexes and pubs. Well, almost. Found hidden in the old streets of the city there still can be found a few such places from an era long gone by, holding a candle to the wind. A visit to a few such places, transport you to a world fast vanishing amidst the concrete chaos. Time in these places, has its own pace, and refuses to follow the laws of Darwin.

These cabins do still have their fanatic followers, who refuse to move on to their more swankier counterparts, and whose days are not made without a daily evening dose of that moghlai paratha, kabiraji and tea !

And it is our humble advice to the people who haven’t been there to have a peek at these cafes before the laws of evolution get the better of them.

Tabulating a list of such places, that are worth paying a visit to on one of those cold winter evenings.

1. Dilkhusa cabin: Tucked up in a corner of College Street and Amherst Street crossing, this is famous for its kabiraji and cutting chai.

Nothing is better than the Chicken Kabiraji and Cha at Dilkhusa, to add warmth to those cold wintry evenings !

2. Anadi cabin: The interiors don’t speak much but it does serve the best Moghlai Paratha in town. Located at the Esplanade Crossing, its always packed to the brim.


The iconic Moghlai Paratha at Anadi’s- “Giving concept food a run for its money” still now !
Business as usual at Anadi’s

3. Mitra cafe: Known for its Brain Chop (yes you heard it right!) and Chicken Kabiraji, this has transcended the barriers of time to hold its ground and even expand its outlets across the city. The original outlet is near the Sovabazar Metro Station. If you want to try out their signature chops, do step in by 6. As it’s bound to be exhausted half an hour after being brought out from the oven.

Make sure you reach there by 530 PM !
The Legendary Brain Chop at Mitra Cafe

4. Allen’s Kitchen : No one makes the prawn cutlet better. If you haven’t tried it yet, you don’t know what you are missing out on ! A stone’s throw away from Mitra Cafe, don’t forget to drop by if you still have some space in the stomach after the chops !

Bhar er cha, the bengali evening staple !

4. Ghosh cabin : Tucked in a non descript corner of Amherst Street, its singaras and kochuris fly off the shelves like hot pancakes.

Basanta Cabin has lost much of its former glory, but still manages to attract its loyal followers 

5. Basanta cabin : This has lost much of its Sheen, but still has its share of dedicated followers.

Archya, in his own words, is the trying-to-be-global bangali babu, who is attempting to carve out a niche for himself in blogosphere, having had mixed results in Medicine Practice. In short, a struggling artist.
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