Of Bellies, Bulges and Burgers

Statutory Warning : All items presented here are taken out hot from the oven, and are not intended for those allergic to sinfully tempting food, or those on a diet.

Ok, enough of the lame intro. Let’s get down to the business (of food tasting). So, it was on a pretty monotonous summer eve that I  bumped upon this just opened resto in town, that going by its name, felt like the place people like me should be.

Welcome to My Big Fat Belly, the Kolkata version. It’s located on 22, Sarat Bose road, just opposite Dugout.

Ready to Serve


Upon entering its quirky interiors, the first thing to greet me was the giant menu on the wall. They had a lot of tempting options, and I did want to try out one or two of their best stuff; but my friends had certain other ideas.

“We are food reviewers aren’t we?”, said someone.

Of course. “We have a duty to write honest reviews about everything on the menu.”

And we don’t review something unless we have had it. So there was I. Staring at a few more kilos to my already big fat belly. We weren’t having one or two. We were having it all.


We were literally annihilating just about anything served on the table, including the innovative in house dips, and anyone else present there may have taken us to be starving for a few days. But no, that didn’t stop us from gulping down the next few courses. After all, when you are presented with things like these, table manners are the last things on your mind.

One thing I liked about the menu was- it had equal focus on both the veg and non-veg sections. I really don’t get it sometimes when most of the restaurants these days seem to focus on any one of the two- when the city clearly has a healthy mixture of both the veggies and the hard core meaties in its repertoire these days.

So here are some snapshots of the dishes on offer here – call it a foodies’ guide to the best bites on the Belly Channel.

  1. The Juicy Lucy Chicken Burger. You have got to try out this one. The moment you place that first bite (make it large by the way)- Oooh! Comes the sinful taste of molten cheese and the absolutely perfect egg yolk, in all its juicy gory glory. Pure eggy-cheesy-licious. And then there’s the chicken patty- you really can’t ask for more in between the breads.Tip to the management: please provide a XXL sized napkin before the poor souls place that bite. I almost spoiled my shirt out here.
    Juicy Lucy, in all its Glory
  2. The Big Bong Burger : Guess what? These guys have decided to take the traditional Kosha Mangsho, add some secret spice to it, and use it as the “patty” for their Big Bong Burger. The first bite was like- My God! Is this for real? Why didn’t anyone else think of this before? These guys should actually patent this dish- this has the potential to be the reason people flock here.
    From left to right- The Big Bong Burger, The Babu Moshai, and the Quintessential Lamb Burger
  3. Babu Moshai : The Aloo and beet-root burger. If you decide to go the veggie way- this is your top priority.
  4. The Russian Mafia Sandwich. The Godfather of all sandwiches. Taste it to believe it.
    These guys have indeed done a decent job on their burger and sandwich menu. Chicken Chunks, Chicken Salami, Boiled Eggs, Garlic Aioli, Coleslaw, Cheddar Blend- all roled into this XL sized sandwich. Just one of these, and you are done for the night!


Stuff straight from the Underworld
  1. For the Veggie soul :
    Gooey Cheese cigars served with Texan Mayo & Strawberry Chilly Dip, and the Gardeniere Pizza, served with grilled Bell Pepper, Sun dried Tomatoes, Grilled Onions are worth trying out.

And then there was their risotto menu- we tried the mushroom and asparagus one. Viewers of Masterchef Australia would be well aware of the fact, that that’s the one thing which rarely pleases the judges. They nailed it. Well, almost 🙂


After all the cheese, and meat and the pizzas, I needed something to wash it all down. Voila! The chef understood perfectly the need of the minute, and served us with this cocktail called the Marwari Masala. I don’t know why its so named- but yes, I will vouch for the fact that it’s the best cooler on the menu. It comes packed with the Ice Chuski in tow- enjoy it before it melts !



After all these stuffing and gulping, we felt like, um….. well fed hippos to put it decently, with the occasional attempts at hiding that not-so-mild burps. But I still couldn’t miss out on the Chocolate Decadent Cake. Aptly named, to finish off the night with!

DSC_0015 (2)
Decadence !


A big thanks to Thinkquisitive, for inviting us to be a part of the Belly Celebrations, er….um food tasting !

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