The Blue Ink Day

We have lived in the city long enough to know its pulse and flavor by heart now, and so even a minute deviation from the usual  doesn’t go unnoticed. Yesterday was one such day. The city had gone to elections, and given the not-so-peaceful reports of polls in certain areas over the last month, people weren’t taking any chances!

The forty plus temperatures had already been keeping people without business tucked in their homes for some time now. But yesterday was something else altogether! The roads looked deserted. Men in uniform were the only ones to be seen venturing out in the perched streets, and the citizens  going out to vote. Public transport was very limited- you were supposed to bring out your own car, or your umbrella.

A few snapshots of the city we managed to take on our way to the polling station and back :

Barricades on all major crossings were the norm of the day
You have to wait atleast five minutes on this stretch on all other days !
All the malls remained closed. People in need of emergency supplies as the old man here, were in for a rude shock
Any wet dreams of Biriyani for lunch were bound to turn dry
Home delivery and pizzas were the life savers ! Maids at most homes had also taken the weekend off 
All forms of buses were off the road…er, not literally, but practically !
This sweet shop came to the rescue of the CRPF men on the lookout for a quick lunch !
You cant even Go Lebanese 
A Drive which usually takes us an hour, took ten minutes flat !

We have omitted the customary vote-fie (the inked-index finger selfie). Please check out your FB feed for a sumptuous dose of the same 😀


More Snapshots of the not so familiar city :
The City On a Bandh Day

(Archya, in his own words, is the trying-to-be-global bangali babu, who is attempting to carve out a niche for himself in blogosphere, having had mixed results in Medicine Practice. In short, a struggling artist.

For his other articles on Blong…Shong, Click Here)


6 thoughts on “The Blue Ink Day

  1. Enjoyed reading this photo story. It’s amazing to see this different face of Kolkata! In the country where I live now (Denmark), elections come and go without any visible difference to people’s lives. The only signs we see are posters put up on poles on the streets, that too in a nicely disciplined manner, and then they disappear quickly after the voting date! But the crowd, the chaos and the cacophony make our elections so much more interesting (though stressful), and then their absence too, as you show in these photos. Well done!

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