Nababorsher Bhuri-Bhoj

The Bengali New Year, also popularly known as Poila Boishakh, is here and we are ready with our new clothes, time tested Rabindrasangeet and the much mandatory “Bhuribhoj” to celebrate the beginning of 1423.

Like any other typical Bengali occasion, food is a very important part of Poila Boishakh. Long queues outside restaurants, absurd price hikes in the fish market and empty trays in the “misti”r dokan are a common sight. But this year we got a chance to dodge the rush, and enjoy our pre-Noboborsho lunch at Zodiac- The Fern Residency Hotel.

The event was bustling with celebrities, shutterbugs, bloggers and foodies alike. The food spread was elaborate and had wide array of offerings from the traditional Kumro fuler bora, Deshi Murgir Chaat, Macher matha diye jhura, Daler bora diye shukto to the contemporary Aam mousse for desserts amongst many others. The delectable Noboborsho Buffet is only available from 14th to 16th of April (Lunch  and Dinner) and comes with a pocket pinch of Rs. 899 + tax.

Thus for those who are eagerly waiting for their Macher dim er Bora, Kosha Mangsho, Anarosher chatni et al.,  you can give this a try.

Sharing a few delicious moments!




Kumro Fuler Bora


Sweet Nothings
The much coveted Doi-er Bhar


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