The Liquid Nitro Ice Cream Parlor in the City

Ice creams and molecular gastronomy. The combination sounds too tempting to resist! Although with chemistry lending its well kept secrets to the creation of ice creams, the nomenclature itself gets questioned !  Can you call a product with very little cream, and frozen by LN2 (Liquid nitrogen people) ice-creams ? That’s the debate I am willing to take part in!

So when a geek like me heard of ice creams being made right in front of my eyes, and that too by liquid nitrogen, I couldn’t resist the urge to find out how! And people who call chemistry boring can now take a hike! Or be at Mumble’s Lab – the place where all this magic unfolds in Kolkata. It’s a newly opened outlet in Hungerford Street, near Birla High School- a stone’s throw away from Minto Park.  And the credit for bringing such technology to Kolkata goes to Devina Parakh, and her husband, the founders of this gastronomy lab 🙂


Science does taste good, if you know how !

There were a lot of interesting flavors to choose from. We ordered the Orange Caramel and a Thandai flavors- which we heard was the Holi special menu- but had been extended on public demand! The ingredients were put into the churners, and we saw the entire process of mixing and freezing unfold right in front of our eyes. The nitro can be used to modify the consistency of the mixture according to the demands – soft, hard or gelato style! And as the smoke settled- Abra Ca Dabra– it was all ready to be taken out and enjoyed!


The available flavors displayed in the Periodic Table format … that’s innovation !
The Churner, hard at work
Conjuring up deliciousness


We heard that some summer special flavors are also on their way- Affogato and Peach. And if you happen to drop by on days India play a match in the World T20, you get a ten percent discount !


Be advised, portions sizes are on the bigger side- enough to sit back and spend the time with. The place boasts of a nice ambience too. We are a bit nit-picky when it comes to that- for us a chai bar should be different from a ice cream shoppe- and we had no reasons to complain out here. The decor was an eclectic mix of simple, casual and quirk.


Orange Caramel- one of their signature flavors


The yummy Thandai flavor


You can also be the chef and design your own flavors- they mix in ingredients brought in by the ones willing to experiment with their ice! Anything from chocolates, nuts to Baileys are welcome. Your ice, your way – that’s the motto they go by, we were told!

So folks, with the summer heat setting in quite fast, this is the place to chill out, quite literally !


(A special note of thanks to the folks at Thinkquisitive, who gave us this opportunity to be at this Lab and experience the magic ourselves !)

For more pictures you can check us out on Instagram too 🙂



(Archya, in his own words, is the trying-to-be-global bangali babu, who is attempting to carve out a niche for himself in blogosphere, having had mixed results in Medicine Practice. In short, a struggling artist.

For his other articles on Blong…Shong, Click Here)


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