The New-Age Bong Biye

Gone are the days when the perfect Bengali wedding was about the Paka Dekha – Ashirbaad – Aiburobhat – Gaye Holud – Biye – Bashi Biye – Bhaat Kapor – Boubhaat regime. The entire Bangali clan is a sucker for celebrations and has included a hoard of new blingy ‘rituals’ to add the required spice to the Biye.

1. The Proposal: Even after v the date, venue and even the menu has been fixed, an official proposal scene, right out of a Hollywood movie has to feature in it. And it holds true in arranged marriages too, where two people and their families meet with the sole aim of getting those two married.

2. Invitation Card
: Catchy rhymes, custom made comic strips, replacing the pictures of actors in movie posters with that of the bride-groom – all are just few of the many ideas that people incorporate in their invitation cards. Oh, and of course there are the Facebook event invitations, which are actually functional – not only to they save time and energy, but the cost too.

3. The Engagement: It’s more like pre-booking each other, lest one runs away. And such a leashing ceremony certainly calls for sequined silk clothes and free food for only 500 ‘very close’ family and friends.
Often, the marriage is also legally registered on the same day, but no, it can’t be called a wedding if its just a one evening affair, that’s too much of a dud! It’s just a little something needed to apply for the dependent visa, you know!

4. The Cocktail Party
: Because it’s only fair that  the bride and the groom get to pose in that gown and tuxedo, at least in one of the ‘events’. And also to let the kids (read anyone below 45 years) eat, drink and be merry, away from the prying eyes and glares of the elders.

Fun and peppy Pre-Wedding cocktail parties are the new entrant to the list of Biye-centric events
Fun and peppy Pre-Wedding cocktail parties are the new entrant to the list of Biye-centric events

5. Sangeet/ DJ Night:How else can we give vent to the urge to just break into a happy jig? Also, it would be utterly disrespectful towards Bollywood and Yo!Yo! Honey Singh to not accommodate them somewhere in the celebration spree.

6. Mehendi: Because just putting alta, the humble red paint in boring, straight lines with a dot in the middle, is way too unceremonious to feature. So, make way for all the women in the house to dress up yet again, and shake a leg too. Throw in some fancy finger-food and bright cupcakes, and you are all set!
The mehendi-walas expertly pipe out intricate designs, while aunties supply tips to make the color darker and stay longer (clove oil is better than balm, and please get castor sugar not the granulated ones!). And oh, someone HAS to point out that darker the stain in the palms of the bride, deeper is the love of her groom from her.
TIP: So, if the stain is not dark enough – either cry and chuck the wedding rather than entering a loveless marriage, or you could touch up with a brown marker pen.

Fun and peppy Pre-Wedding cocktail parties are the new entrant to the list of Biye-centric events

7. The Food: The Salad Bar, Ice-cream Parlour, Live Pasta Counter, the Juice Bar and the Phuchkawala, have all waltzed their way into the food menu, and no, we are certainly not complaining!

( Devpurna, to quote her own words, is a ” Lawyer by day, the quintessential bengali dreamer by night, a
foodie since toddler days and oh, an up-cycler on weekends too!
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    1. Mehendi had entered the scene quite a few years back, while the other two are making their way in steadily… If the budget is not that high, the cocktail party becomes more of a booze party at some friend’s terrace though!

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