Baba Nam-Dev

(This is mostly a work of fiction, and should be taken with a pinch of salt, or some lemonade, or both)

It’s been some time since our Blog has been up, but we are still running a non-profit organization. Well, mostly. So we decided that to improve business, we needed to consult “someone”.

With that noble cause in mind, it was one fine morning, that I found myself waiting in the queue to meet **** Baba (name beeped on purpose. We were refused ‘adequate’ sponsorship for product placement)

And after a few hours I was ushered into the ‘consulting room’……

“So son, what brings you to my humble premises ?

“You call this humble ?

“Modesty forbids son.

“Ah! Ok. So Baba….

“Baba ? What’s Baba ? Have not you read outside, that the medium of communication is strictly English ? Bias on linguistic grounds is forbidden here.

“Ok, Father…. I was saying…

“Father ? Son, I am strictly Secular, with an E. please do not unnecessarily colour me. Call me, Pops.

“Pops ?! What the….i mean er…. I thought…..

“What did you think ?

“No nothing,  just had some other kind of image in my head…

“You would do better by formatting all images from your mind, when you enter my chamber. I cannot fill a cup which is already filled with unnecessary things.

“Format ?! What’s this ? Some kind of software download center ?

“LOLZ. Human mind also needs formatting from time to time. Too much trash in our recycle bins.

“What Perpespective ! I am in the right place.

“Right place for what ?

“I was here to seek your valuable advice to make our venture slightly profitable.

“What kind of venture ?

“A blog.

“Blog ? Those things pay ?

“No they don’t, and that’s why I am here.

“Sorry son. I cannot give you my interview, to increase traffic. You need prior appointment for that. Your’s only mentions consultation.

“No actually, I wanted to know if we could do something like change our name a bit ….i mean the name of the Blog ? Would that help ?

“What are you presently called ?


“Is being pressed for words a good thing for a Blog ? That’s total negative Vastu son. Who came up with that ?

“Well, actually the “Wordpress” part was mandatory …..we had no choice.

“Of course you had a choice. Everyone has a choice. It’s just that we don’t exercise it often. Drop that immediately.

“Ok Ba- ….er I mean Pops.

“By the way, you are not from the press I presume ?

“No, of course not. What makes you think that ?

“Well, if you are trying to run some kind of sting here, you are in the wrong place. We only deal with exercise and liberation of the mental kind.

“You mean Ram-

“Hush son. I told you this is a secular organization. No R words out here.

“No I meant…

“Enough son. Your ten minutes are up. I have my next client to attend to.

And, I am literally thrown out. But we do follow the advice. After all, we paid a king’s ransom for it.

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7 thoughts on “Baba Nam-Dev

  1. I need to consult Baba Nam-Dev too. You wouldn’t happen to have His address would you?

    Also, it was only when I had read till the end that I glanced up and…lo and behold! the name of the blog had indeed changed!! Joy Baba Nam-Dev ki Joy!

    Liked by 1 person

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